Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Prone to Wander, Lord, I Feel It

Oh, P-day! Thou art desirable above all other days. Choicest of all days, to be sure.

Howdy, friends! Is everyone having a swell week and a sweller life? Good, good!

Well life's just swell for me too! This hasn't been an awfully busy week, but it was good nonetheless! Elder Casillas and I did a lot of trackting and contacting this week for referrals that we've received recently. Lots of walking around, lots of driving, and so on!

We met this awesome less-active family the other day, called the Meyers. They're from California, so I get along with them pretty well! It's pretty cool knowing someone from your home state, rather than just meeting people every day who tell you they're sorry that you come from where you do! Man, these people really hate California. Not quite sure why; I'm still doing some investigating on the subject! Anyway, the Meyers are super awesome. They breed bulldogs, so I have to have a lint roller handy every time we visit them. I had an interesting experience with this family the other day: they have three kids. One's like 5, one's like 9, and one's like 11. So the 11-year-old is this really cool boy who gets along with the missionaries super well, but isn't baptized. So I was just chatting it up with him, asking him his thoughts about church and stuff. And I made a horrible mistake - I turned to the mom and asked "Does he go to church often?"

Background info on this family: the mom's half Hawaiian, so all the kids have these crazy Hawaiian names. Moreover, it's quite difficult to determine the gender of a person named Kiwilani, or whatever. Especially when it's a girl who looks like a boy. So the mom turns to the kid and goes "Oh, I bet you just love it when he calls you a boy, huh?" And I'm like ohhh noooooo. Yup, I've been talking to a girl this whole time. And then the house like explodes into an argument over whether this kid is a boy or a girl, and I'm just mortified, and my companion has no idea what's going on since he doesn't speak English, and it was a mess! So I just prayed times like a million that it would all blow over and be okay. And we sit through 5 more minutes of argument, and then the spirit just *whoosh* turns the place around. Everything got better instantly, and Elder Casillas and I were able to share an awesome spiritual thought and leave the family on a really high note. It was quite the intense experience, but it was really cool to see the spirit work in their home like that.

Last thing this week: transfer calls came last night, and I'M BEING MOVED! I have no idea where I'm going, and it's super stressful, but I'm excited to go see some new sights, too! I'll have a new companion and everything. It's kind of bittersweet because I'm sad to say goodbye to all of the amazing members I've met - not to mention my investigators. But I know I'll go where I'm meant to be. And I'll give you more info on that next week!

But until then, everyone have an amazing week, and never forget who you are! And stuff like that!

-Elder Slavens


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  1. Melissa Finlinson
    I love Chancellors writing. He cracks me up. You've done a fab job on him. Xoxo