Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Another Day, Another Blessing

Hello again, everyone! It's me! Elder Slavens!!
I've been having an absolutely awesome week! Unfortunately, not a huge amount to report on, but it was still really good!
Thanksgiving was really fun! We may or may not have spent the entire day with one family, named the Hesters. They may or may not haveten kids, and thus not mind too much the presence of a couple hungry missionaries. We may or may not have played Monopoly twice with them, and I may or may not have been beaten twice by the same stinking punk 12-year-old kid who kept rolling doubles and buying out all the good properties!! Needless to say, it was a great day, albeit a frustrating one 'cause that snot-nosed Clayton Hester kept beating me! But I'm completely kidding, I love that kid.
Though he is cheap.
The rest of the week has been awesome. We got a referral this week from our Group President to see a young family who's in a very rough spot. The dad just recently had his arm run over by a truck at work, his arm now being completely shattered and useless. On top of that, the mom has a broken arm too! So neither of them can do anything, and they have no way of paying their bills! So they called the city to find help, who then directed the family to the church, 'cause you know, we're the best, right? So the bishop agreed to help them out during this time of need, on one condition: let the missionaries come over and share their message!
Muahahaha, we got 'em now!
We've gone to see them a couple times now, and they're a really cool family with a lot of faith. They've agreed to be baptized if they have some time to do a bit more study and pray to feel the truth of the Book of Mormon, which I'm absolutely sure will come with time. We're also planning on doing something fun for them for Christmas this year, because it looks like budgeting's gonna be tight for them this season. Any ideas on what we could do for them??
Anyway, I'm off! Have a wonderful week, everyone, and be excellent to each other!
Elder Slavens

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