Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, January 6, 2014

Herper Ner Yer


It's me again! Elder Slavens!! Hi hi hi hi hi hi! I hope everybody had a wonderful New Year's Eve and that you're all refreshed and excited about the new year having set goals and challenges for yourselves so we can all improve and make the world better than it was last year!!

Now my parents have recently told me that I too often say "Nothing too exciting happened this week," and that those words bring the awesomeness of my emails from a beautiful 100% to about a 90.

Well hey, that's much better than I ever did in high school, so I've got no complaints.

But just so everybody knows, something exciting ALWAYS happens when you're on a mission! I suppose I just look back on my week and typically can't quite remember all that has happened, and thus I feel not much has come to pass. Yet when I actually get to the meat and potatoes of my emails I realize that a lot has actully happened in the week, and that I have no reason to say that! So from this day on, I say "Nothing too exciting has happened" no more.

This week was so exciting!! Truly though, it was a really great one. We were super busy and had a lotta jazz to get done! Elder Wright, my companion, is the District Leader here in Wendell, so that basically made him and me the party planning committee when it came to our New Year's Eve activity. You see, on New Year's Eve, everybody is driving around drunk and I am firmly convinced that nobody would really want a couple of missionaries on their doorstep at that time. So we were told by our Mission President instead to have an activity as a District from 6-9 pm. So what do missionaries do for party? Watch 'The Prince of Egypt', of course!! Wooohooo! Gosh, I had forgotten just how wonderful that movie is. I can't decide if it's because I haven't seen a real movie in 6 months, or if it really is just one of the best movies ever made, but I almost straight up cried. And if you know me, you know I don't do that in movies. But man, it just tugged at my little heart strings. After that we played Apples to Apples for like an hour and a half, which I am always totally down for.

Other than that, we had a lot of really solid lessons this week, and saw some real progress in a few of our investigators! I'm so excited about where Wendell's going; it's such a blessing to whitness. We got one of our investigators, Raul Ortiz (the guy who got his arm run over), to commit to being baptized sometime this month. We just need to work on getting him to church! And just yesterday, one of the members of the Spanish group invited her friend and the friend's kids to church, and afterward introduced us. She told us, "Alright, so you need to go over to see them soom so you can preach to them and baptize them!" Which I took to be a complete joke. But then I looked over at the friend, who had a huge smile on her face and was nodding!! I was like what the what?? And so we're really excited about the next couple upcoming weeks! Hopefully I have some stuff to talk about soon that's not too not too exciting!! :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year and an equally wonderful week,

Elder Slavens


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  2. Unbelievable...just when I think his e-mails and pictures can't get better...the Christmas card is hilarious and fantastic and now no more "nothing too exciting happened this week".  Chancellor is my hero and ranks up there as my all-time FAVORITE missionary e-mail of the week.  
    Natalie Despain

    Really fun letter Kristi!  Love his letters.
    Maria Herring

    He is such a nut! Love you guys.
    Gaylene Adair