Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm Writing This On an iPad, You Guys!!!!

I'm completely kidding, I'll never get an iPad.

So guess what! Transfer calls came yesterday! Anybody have any crazy guesses as to where I'm going?? Well if you guessed that I'll be going anywhere at all, you would in fact be wrong. I'M STAYING IN WENDELL FOR ANOTHER MONTH AND A HALF. I've been in this place for like a billion years. By the end of this transfer it'll have been literally 9 months. That's loco. But you know what? I'm absolutely stoked about it. A bunch of cool things are about to start happening in this place, and I'm so pumped to be a part of all of it!

We've got a new investigator (well technically a pretty old investigator) who we just met, named Bryant. He's been coming to church for quite a while, but he's like 16 and has a couple of silly parents who haven't let him get baptized because they are Catholic. But we just met him the other day and he asked us if we could come over to his house and just teach some little lessons here and there, you know, get his parents' feet wet and whatnot, so we were all like well heck yeah! And we were making plans to do exactly that when Bryant texts us like literally 2 days later and says to bring a baptismal form because his dad says he can get baptized!! I couldn't even believe what I was reading! So that's just a huge miracle we've seen this week; we're so excited to get this kid moving and help him take the steps he's been dying to take for years now.

We've also got that couple who's getting married coming up this transfer, so hopefully that plays out well! The father says he still doesn't want to make a decision when it comes to baptism (c'mon man, 10 YEARS??), but I believe that when they finally do get married, they're gonna be blessed hugely with the spirit, and that will help him make the decision. Fingers crossed!

A recent convert in the group, named Brayan, has decided to go on a mission! Such a cool reminder that things can go very far when missionaries do their job right. He's heading out for Washington sometime this month, and I'm really happy that I get to be around to support him!

So basically I'm super stoked for this upcoming transfer! True, I am about ready for a change of scenery (and smell, for that matter), but I know that there's a definite reason for my being here, and I'm very happy to be able to fulfill that! I hope you guys have a week that rocks your socks off like this one has mine! love you all!

Elder Slavens

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Proof Is In the Pudding

What does that phrase even mean?

Hello, world! And isn't it a beautiful day today? Everyone just go give someone a hug! Unless you're a missionary, then shake their hands very warmly, and I think that'll have to do.

I've had a great week. Lots of good work, lots of trips to big meetings, unlimited miles.

Oh, did I say unlimited miles? Hohohoho, you guys, check this out. Last week we were called by the Elder in charge of the cars for our mission, and we found out that the Chevy Cruz (our car) was being recalled because like 30% of those cars in the nation have a bad axel, are breaking on the freeway, and killing peeps. So our mission president was like "Oh hey, we should probably do something about this so that our missionaries don't die, yeah?" So we took it in to the shop to get it checked, and guess what! Our axel was totally one of the bad ones, and we could have died this week. Or many weeks prior because I've been driving this car for months. I'm convinced that angels have been sitting in our car forcing the axel together so that Elder Martinez and I would survive until we got this mess figured out. So in the meantime, as they figure out how to fix our messed up car, we have a rental.

But this isn't just any silly rental, you guys. The Lord has entrusted Elder Martinez and I with a brand-new, shiny red, all leather interior, 2014 Chevy Impala. Oh my gosh I can't even tell you. And on top opf that, because it's a rental and not actually a mission vehicle, we have UNLIMITED MILES. So we can go pretty much wherever the heck we want with no fear of running out of miles every month. It feels pretty cool to write '0' every single day on the mileage report, too.

But for reals, this has been such a good thing for us! We've been able to drive to see investigators almost every day that we have never been able to see because they're so far out and hard to get to with mile limitations! So this has been a really good week.

Yet unfortunately, I was just called by one of the elders in our area who told me we might have to drive into Twin today to take it back because we don't have insurance for the rentals. :( So we'll see whether I have it next week!

But yeah, that's pretty much been our life this week. Pretty legit stuff! I hope you guys all have a great week yourselves! Keep it real!

Elder Slavens

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mawwage, part 2

Hello world! What a wonderful day!

It's true.

How is everyone? I hope everyone's good like ya should be! I'm doing wonderful, you know that!!

This has been a great week. We've definitely seen a little bit of everything, and it's been a very nice mix of everything that missionary work encompasses. We've taught some really great lessons, gone on an exchange, been to a big multi-zone conference, done some service, I've been sick, and all in between!

Oh my gosh, good news this week!! There's this family in the Spanish group, and the mom's a member, but the dad isn't. The dad's been investigating for like a bajillion years at this point, and the main issue here is that the mom and dad aren't married (yes, another one of those ones). But we got a call from the mom the other day, who asked us if we could talk to the bishop about setting up an appointment SO THEY CAN GET MARRIED!! Like, that's super wooooo!!! I'm so excited for them for making this decision! That's like years' worth of prayers being paid off right there!

Our exchange was great. I had the chance to go serve in Twin for a day with Elder Fernandez, who is actually the current companion of my last, Elder Wright! So Elder Wright made his was down to Wendell to spend the day with Elder Martinez, and I made mine up to Twin. It was so awesome, and a very refreshing change of pace! There are so many dang people in Twin Falls (at least, compared to Wendell), so we never once ran out of ideas for what to do! That was certainly an interesting experience for me because I'm used to planning to the bone to find out things to do every day, simply because Wendell's such a small town. And that's certainly something I've come to enjoy, 'cause I know that I'm working hard down here! But it was a nice little break just having everything all ready to go for once!

Yeah, I got sick this week. It was pretty lame. My food wouldn't stay down and I had this wonderful headache all day. But now I feel like a million bucks, so no worries!

I'll be honest, I really don't know what more to add to this email! Sorry it was a kinda short one! But everything I've said pretty much sums it up at this point!

Huge shout out to the coolest girl of all time, Sarah Cannon, for deciding to go on a mission! Chile's gonna eat your testimony right up! I'm proud of you!!

Everyone have a wonderful week, and I hope you all know that I love you!

Elder Slavens

Monday, April 7, 2014

It's That Time of Week Again

Rum-buddum bah dum bah dah bummmmmmm!!! (drumroll)

Pshhhhhhhh! (giant cymbal splash)

*In rolls Elder Slavens looking super fly*

How's everyone doing this fine week?? It's been a great one over here in the village of Wendell, Idaho! I've been here for nearly 7 months, and I'm not sick of it yet!! Can you believe it??

This week has been slower than others. Not to say that it hasn't been a good one, but we just haven't been able to teach many lessons due to lots of other stuff going on that we had to tend to. The oil in our car started freaking out mid-week, so we had to take a drive up to Twin and spend basically all day there as we waited to get it fixed. On top of that, Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to the spiritual edification received, as usual, at General Conference, and that being the case we were unable to see pretty much anyone those days either.

But like I said, it's still been a really good week! General Conference absolutely rocked my world, as I'm sure it rocked yours! I learned tons about obedience and staying strong when the going gets tough. Hopefully you guys received some revelation too! It's stinking oozing out of that Conference Center, I swear/

But anyway, that's the bigness of what happened this week! Sorry if this email's a little boring! I'll be sure to get bit by a dog or something so I have a real story to tell next week. But until then, I say unto you, "Have a good week everyone. Y'all rock."

Lesson Learned: Don't be grateful for the things that you have, be grateful for the situation you're in. It applies perspective and helps true and consistent joy to enter your heart.

Love ya!

Elder Slavens