Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, April 7, 2014

It's That Time of Week Again

Rum-buddum bah dum bah dah bummmmmmm!!! (drumroll)

Pshhhhhhhh! (giant cymbal splash)

*In rolls Elder Slavens looking super fly*

How's everyone doing this fine week?? It's been a great one over here in the village of Wendell, Idaho! I've been here for nearly 7 months, and I'm not sick of it yet!! Can you believe it??

This week has been slower than others. Not to say that it hasn't been a good one, but we just haven't been able to teach many lessons due to lots of other stuff going on that we had to tend to. The oil in our car started freaking out mid-week, so we had to take a drive up to Twin and spend basically all day there as we waited to get it fixed. On top of that, Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to the spiritual edification received, as usual, at General Conference, and that being the case we were unable to see pretty much anyone those days either.

But like I said, it's still been a really good week! General Conference absolutely rocked my world, as I'm sure it rocked yours! I learned tons about obedience and staying strong when the going gets tough. Hopefully you guys received some revelation too! It's stinking oozing out of that Conference Center, I swear/

But anyway, that's the bigness of what happened this week! Sorry if this email's a little boring! I'll be sure to get bit by a dog or something so I have a real story to tell next week. But until then, I say unto you, "Have a good week everyone. Y'all rock."

Lesson Learned: Don't be grateful for the things that you have, be grateful for the situation you're in. It applies perspective and helps true and consistent joy to enter your heart.

Love ya!

Elder Slavens

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