Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, July 21, 2014

New Management

Well good afternoon my fellow humans. You ready for some big news?

We got transfer calls last night! As expected, Elder Josephson and I are sticking together this time around, but perhaps not as expected, we're getting a change in command 'round these parts!! I have been assigned the new District Leader of the Rupert West District muahahahahahahaha. Things 'bout to chaje 'roun hee' boi. I am so stoked for this opportunity that I have to serve my fellow missionaries - as well as the chance to loosen things up around here a bit. Our current District Leader is super short with us for pretty much no reason - he likes to make up rules and tries to get us into trouble for stuff that we're not doing, and it's been a pretty frustrating experience at times. That being the case, I plan on being the funnest, most chill DL in the history of humans! Of course, I'm planning on stressing the importance of obedience and doing things right, but at the same time, a missionary needs to understand the importance of being himself as well, and not freaking out when things don't go his way. I think this will be a very very good transfer. Fingers crossed though - hopefully I'm not seeing visions of grandeur or something!

Anyway, this week has been legitimate. Much like last week, we spent a good chunk of this one inviting people to that dinner party thing that's coming up. We're hoping to see like a billion people show up and start teaching all of them about Jesus. The quickest way to an investigator's heart is through their stomach, right? I think that's how that expression goes. But unfortunately, because of that, I don't have a whole ton to report this week.

However, we did have another super good lesson with Manuel! We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and answered the big three life questions for him, namely "Where did we come from?", "Why are we here?", and "Where are we going?". He loved the idea of the resurrection, and how repentance can help us get there. He recognizes that we'll never be perfect, but that through the grace of Jesus Christ we can get pretty dang close, and then be saved. I am so excited for this dude, he is ready as can be. All he needs to do is find the time to come to church. Pray that he might!

We've made a couple attempts to visit with Kellen and Darienne, that couple I mentioned a little while ago, but they've been pretty busy. Such is the life, I suppose! When there's more information on that one, I'll be sure to letcha know.

This has been an awesome week and I'm so happy to be here! You be happy to be were you be as well! I love you all and just wanna hug ya! Have a good week!

Elder Slavens

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