Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, July 7, 2014

That Week Just Felt Like 5 Seconds, Straight Up.

I cannot believe that it is already P-day again -- what the heck is happening to my life? Well either way, I'm here once again, and I suppose it is time to fill all's y'all in on the goings-on in Paul, Idaho.

This week has been pretty rockin'. We've just been running around trying to find people to teach and pooping ourselves out in doing so. But that's a good thing to be worrying about, I suppose!

I'll be honest though, this week has been on the tougher side. We've been setting up lots of appointments with people only to have them not be home when it gets down to crunch time, which can get frustrating when it happens every single time. We really need to break down on the member support here and have them come with us to our appointments, because I seem to find that whenever we do that, things always work out! It's like magic! So we're gonna focus hard on that this week.

There have definitely been some successes this week though! We've met a couple people this week who are just super ready. The first is named Manuel. He is (or was, not quite sure which), the 'significant other' of Ana Maria, the woman who got baptized last week. They used to live together, but she had that fixed, because she realized that they couldn't be doing that if she was to progress to the point of baptism. He got kind of upset by that and wanted to know why she really wanted to separate. When she told him that the gospel was more important to her than their current situation, he got really interested in what church could possibly make somebody feel that way. So she introduced us to him, and we had the opportunity to teach him the first lesson this last Tuesday! He really connected with certain points of what we explained to him, and I just think he is golden. We invited him to be baptized, and he said that if he receives his answer that the Book of Mormon is true, that he'll absolutely do it. Woot woot!

We also met Derienne Bland. She's living with a less-active member in the ward, and they have a kid together. I'm not entirely sure on the whole story, but here's what I understand. Their baby was super sick a bit ago, and the couple was really concerned for his well-being. Being desperate, the member boyfriend dude, named Kellen, called up one of his active-member friends to ask for a blessing on his son. The friend agreed, and came to give the blessing. The moment the man's hands were off that baby's head, his symptoms were gone and he was running around and playing. Darienne was overwhelmed and now really really wants to know more, as does Kellen. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to invite this couple to come closer to Christ through His gospel. We're gonna start teaching them this week, and hopefully all goes well!

So that was our week. Kinda tough, but there's no denying the blessings that come from being diligent - namely, these two people that we get to start teaching. Hopefully I have more to report on these people next week! I love you all bunches, and I will type to ya next week!

Elder Slavens

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