Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, September 15, 2014

It Was All a Stupid Ploy of the Devil to Distract Me from My Purpose. CURSES!

You're all probably wondering why I would have such a negative subject line. I'm a pretty optimistic guy for the most part, right? Well sometimes I just wanna smack the devil in the face because he makes stupid things happen.

You remember when I went through all those hoops and whatnot because I'd lost my wallet? And I had to like sign my soul off to the feds in order to get my license back? Like I said, I finally got a replacement license from my parents and that was going really well for a while there. I was driving without a care in the world. But then, that's probably what went wrong.

We went on exchanges this last Tuesday and I was chilling in Paul with another Greenie in the District. Things were going super well, I suppose. We ran over to our Ward Mission Leader's house 'cause he has everything you could possibly need to wash a car, and we were like "Hey, WE have a car that needs washing!" Sounds legit, right? So we get the car all squeaky clean and life is good. I pull out of the driveway, pumped to run off and do some good missionary work. As I shift the car back into drive, I pull up at about 8 miles an hour for probably 2 seconds and BANG. I had this weird sensation like "What the heck just happened?" while my Greenie is over there like gasping for air. We sit there a moment in this weird time-lapse thing not having a clue what has happened, and then it dawns on me: Oh crap, I just wrecked our car.

We hop out and look a the front bumper, and whaddaya know? Big fat dent in our squeaky-clean car. The awesome thing is that our Ward Mission Leader has security cameras set up all over the place, so we ran back in the house and ask him if he saw us. Lo and behold, there we are, with like 10 different camera angles showing us the stupidest wreck in history. I had backed up to a point that appeared pretty safe to me, but I hadn't noticed the super low cement curb just in front of us. So I smacked right into that stupid curb, and now our beautiful 2014 Chevy Cruze has this big ugly gash in it. So dumb. I turned in the report and everything, and it's been decided that I no longer have driving privileges for the mission, which kinda sucks, because I just LOVE driving. But I guess I'll live. After all, I did do something pretty stupid to deserve it.

And that's why I say it was all a ploy of the devil. I went through all this stressful jazz to get a temporary license, and I literally drove for like a day or two and now may no longer drive. Satan is dumb.

It may sound to you like this was the worst week ever because I exaggerate a lot when I complain on these emails. Dramatic effect I guess, I dunno. But in all reality, this was actually one of the best weeks I've had on my whole mission! Weird, huh? We've just seen so many awesome little miracles this week. We were contacted by one of our WML's who said that a boy stood up in Sunday School this week and said, "I'm getting baptized soon!" Thing is, this kid's like 12 and has no idea what the church is all about - so we made a stop over to his house the other day, and we're like "Hey, well if you wanna get baptized soon, we can totally make that happen!" He was down, so we set a baptismal date for him on the 4th of October, and we're gonna come over twice a week so we can get all the lessons done before then!

And just a bunch of cool stuff like that. I'd love to tell all the stories, but this thing is already a flipping novel. Suffice it to say that we're seeing a lot of cool things happen here in Paul, Idaho! Exact obedience truly does bring miracles! I've seen lots of ups and downs during my mission. There've been times where I didn't feel I was being very obedient, and there've been times where I'm just following every rule and every suggestion made to help the work. Now is one of those times, and the fruits are HUGE. And juicy. Just keep that in mind, everyone! President Monson was right - obedience may bring blessings, but the miracles wait for those who consecrate themselves unto obedience to the things the Lords asks! And then we party.

I love you all to the very pit of my being! Spread the happiness, aight?

Elder Slavens

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