Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Still Not Trunky Yet

Yaaaaaaaaaawn I'm tired. Oh that's right, I'm a missionary.

Wuddup peepel. This week has gone pretty darn speedy! I honestly am not entirely sure what even happened this week. A lot of chill stuff, I assure you. But I guess I gotta just take a mo' and think. You know I don't have the best memory in the tool shed or whatever.

Unfortunately, I have no crazy stories for you guys that I can blow up and exaggerate for your entertainment this week! Nonetheless, I do have news of SOME sort, surely!

Whelp, we have been seeing a lot of cool progress from our investigators as of late! I mean, relatively, of course. There's always those who drag their feet. Not like life is all rainbows and Hershey's Kisses. But like I said, it has been very nice to see some people plugging along like they should! Mario, one guy we've been teaching, is getting married on the 27th of this month and will get baptized two weeks later! He's been coming to church and everything, so we're pumped about that one.

Arlene's one of the foot-dragging peeps at the moment. We had a baptismal date set for her for the 20th (and if you watch the news or have a smart phone, you should know that that date's past by now), but she likes to go camping on Sundays. Like, c'mon! I mean camping's great and all but isn't it kinda gross? Wouldn't you rather just dress up in some nice clean clothes and come talk about Jesus? Seems like a no-brainer to me. We haven't been able to see her for a while on account of her tearing her house apart to do some reconstruction as well, so we haven't really had the chance to teach her about the true importance of the Sabbath. Major bummer. But hey, it'll all work out in the end!

James, the 12-year-old kid who's getting baptized n October 4th, is hysterical. We went to teach him about the Restoration of the Gospel, and at one point we whipped out a pamphlet with a picture of Joseph Smith being given the Priesthood by Peter, James, and John, and we asked "James, what do you see here?" The kid responds, "I see God, Jesus, and Tom Cruz giving a blessing to the movie actor Joseph Smith." Oh my goodness I nearly kicked the bucket. Funny little dude. But he's progressing well! He's coming to church and all that jazz, so all we need to do is teach those lessons and then come the covenants!

So yup, life's good. Seeing lots of cool things happen and that there's the report. Hopefully you found it to be of import somehow. Thanks for listening, anyway! Have a good week errbuddy!

Elder Slavens

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