Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, October 27, 2014

It Has Been a WEEK Since Last Week

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, hello! I love all of you lots, just so you know. Yeh.

ANYWAY this has been a good week! Couple little disappointments, but meh, what'cha gonna do about it? That's life!

So our two baptismal dates that were set for the next couple weeks have been postponed. Kino has decided he's not quite ready, which is a major bummer considering we know FOR A FACT that he's like the readiest kid of all time. It's been tough to see him go through everything he's had to recently: his mom, Ana Maria, a recent convert that was baptized when me and Elder Josephson were together, has started smoking again and backed off on church attendance, and it's affecting her son. He feels that people shouldn't get baptized if they're making mistakes like that, and we're trying SUPA hard to help him understand that those things aren't HIS problems, and that he is definitely ready to take this step! But I think he wants all the problems with his mom to be resolved before he moves any further. Super noble of him, but like C'MON GET BAPTIZED. Just kidding, I just want what's best for him. At the moment he's set to get baptized on November 8, so hopefully he sticks to that!

Lindsay's date has also been moved back a bit, and thankfully for less sad reasons. She's got a friend who's getting baptized in another ward sometime in November, and she wants to join that friend and do it at the same time! So that's way cool, and I think they'll be a super huge support to one another, so that to me is a very good reason to wait a bit. She's been so much fun to teach and I'm so excited to see her commit herself to the gospel and be baptized! I just hope I'm around to see it happen!!

Other than that, it's been a pretty regular week. We're on bikes right now because our car is still getting fixed, and frick is that taking a toll on me. My asthma is like blasting through the roof 'cause I have literally no endurance after doing nothing physically trying for a year and a half. Oh my sheesh it's killing me! But ya know, it's all chill 'cause I'll probably come home with huge calves or whatever. just kidding I'll be fat.

HEY James passed the sacrament!! Ah, it was so cool to see! his tie was like way way too long and he was all stressed out that the water was gonna spill everywhere and I was watching him with just this huge smile on my face! It's so cool seeing all this work come to little bits of fruition like that. Pretty chill. :)

Anyway, that's about it for this week! Everyone pray for Kino and Lindsay that they'll stick to their commitments and have that desire to be baptized! It's what they need! Thank youuuuu! Have a wonderful week peeps.

Elder Slavens

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