Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Trick or Trunky

Ya know what? I'm in a pretty good mood today! Things are looking up and the sun is not shining (overcast FTW) and life rocks.

Not too much has changed over this last week, I suppose. Not that that's a bad thing. We've seen a few solid progressing investigators come out of the woodwork which has been super duper exciting and we're gonna bust a move to get these people in the water (if any non-Mormons are reading this, please don't be offended by that statement. I'm prolly being sarcastic or something).

Kino's back on for baptism this week! He'll be getting baptized at 3:00 on Saturday and seems way excited about it - PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS STICKS. If it doesn't stick I know whose fault it is (again, probably sarcasm).

Halloween was pretty chill, I suppose. We're not supposed to be out and about after dark on Halloween 'cause it can get pretty sketchy with a bunch of little kids out in the streets - you never know when some parent might accuse us of all sorts of random stupid stuff - so we just try to avoid it all completely. Instead, we had the chance to do a district activity and pretty much just hang out all night. We were allowed to watch a movie like The RM or something like that, but we're such consecrated missionaries we just decided to play like 300 hours of air hockey instead. We all wore mustaches as our costumes - I guess that's about as far as we're willing to go. Probably only adds to our sketchy appearance though, so it's for the better we weren't running around in the streets. The picture's pretty dope though.

Anyway that's about it for me this week! Hope you all have a good Juan and I'll catch ya next tiempo, chill? Chill.

Elder Slavens

Dopest District Costume Party

Rupert Zone Halloween

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