Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, January 26, 2015

Basically already a pro at the MTC. NBD.

Whelp, howlee-doodily everybody! This week has been cray cray! Honestly. Tbh. I mean, to say the least, first week in the MTC was not what I expected at all. For some reason I thought it was going to be sunshine daisies and butter mellows. But it has honestly been pretty flippin hard. Like, talk about roller coaster of emotions. We've had people brake down because Cambodian is frustrating (not me, of course), and we've all been super excited at some points because we just randomly will get it. The hardest part for me is planning lessons for our fake investigator, Bong Phoan. He's awesome. He's really my old Cambodia teacher from BYU, Tyler Mickelson. So it feels weird calling him Bong. 
My companion is named Elder Lamborn. He's from Honeyville, Utah. He's super tall and has super stinky feet. If he reads this, it's cool because we've already addressed how bad his feet stench. Pictures WILL be attatched. He is like a big teddy bear and he has really picked up the language. Working with him is so great. 
My first day was awesome because I walked in and for the first 45 minutes my fly was down and I got lost and needed to be guided back to my room by a helpful old lady. So I was basically as newbie as you can get. Reconnecting with my Swig-buddy Sister Sheffield was awesome because she lost her name tag in the first 5 minutes. 

Now about some of the other members of my district: Elder Johhny Ros is my favorite. He is Cambodian, and so weird. We are normally the only two laughing at things that don't make any sense. Elder Gardley is black and says the funniest things. He named me and Elder Lamborn "Elder SlaveBorn". So that's our new name. To everyone #official . The district is 14 people big, and it's only the new Cambos. My ZONE is larger, and has all the Viets, Hmongs, Cantonese, Thais, and Laos.  If only Elder Reagan was here. When I showed up everyone knew who I was and ran at me screaming "ELDER DARK MONEY!!!" because Elder Reagan told them all about our geo-ventures. 
Gym is everyday, and I am a master at bolleyball. I held a spoon in my hand the full hour of gym, and the only time I lost was when my lucky spoon flew out of my hands. 
I really don't wanna make this too long, so I'm gonna rap up here. Basically, the MTC is an amazing place. It's more magical than Disneyland and Hogwarts put together. The spirit is so strong here, and I love being surrounded by so many people who love The Lord and want to serve him so bad. Everyone here are such great examples to me, and I have already grown spiritually so much. I have learned that when hard times come, prayer is your most useful tool. 
I hope my email was enough for all you crazy people! Email me and let me know how to make it better! And because I want to hear from you people! I love you all!!! 
Love, Elder Slavens

Seeing Elder Trammell off at the airport 

Our friend Kara Trammell volunteered int the MTC and ran into this guy!

My super baller district 

Me and the greatest Utahn companion anyone could ask for 

​What happens to me when Elder Gardley gets fed up with me 

All the Aryans going to Asia

Khnom sralyn Sister Sheffiled

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  1. i emailed Dallin and he responded "I'M DOING AWESOME!!!! I love it here. But this whole email thing is stressing me out. I get STRICTLY one hour. And I'm like: "Wow. How do i make mine as funny as Chance's? OBVIOUSLY Mom has high expectations."