Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, February 2, 2015

I need some Sploosh for my stinky feet, REAL BAD.

       Well, AHOY there, mateys!!! This week be a FINE week, sailing the seven seas. 
Not really. I'm in one spot. All day, everyday. We don't leave the MTC. It's awesome. It's started getting to the point where I'll look out windows and realize I've forgotten what a car looks like. I'm not even really sure what they do anymore. Like why did I need one? And sometimes families come into the MTC to go to the devotionals or something, and I look at the babies that the families bring in and freak out because I think that someone got shrunk. PS if shrink rays are invented while i'm gone, someone has to let me know.  
         My new favorite part of this week happened 6 minutes ago, where I realized that my notes that I keep with me all week, writing down what to put in my email, was accidentally put into an envelope and mailed to Elder Reagan. So take care of them, Elder Reagan. And tell me if I forgot anything. 
         From what I gathered from the wonderful brain that I own, this week really was awesome. To start the week off right, Elder Osborne and I pasted our hair down and tried to rock the Dwight K. Schrute. Which we successfully did. And then we just went to a million devotionals. They are so SWEET! Just the most bonafied swag lords are allowed to talk at them. No one else. My companion reminds me more and more of Chance AKA Elder Slavens every single day. Like it's scary. 
         We started learning script this week! Which means that in a mere few weeks I'll forget how to write in English letters. My emails will start sounding more and more like a $1 Chinese copy of The Scorpion King translated into English. I helped everyone by making the strangest memorization techniques to remember the characters. Let me just tel you, "coo" has the best hair and a perfectly sculpted chin. 
         We use this computer system called "TALL" (technology assisted language learning)
to help us memorize the language, and I have reason to believe that we are all living in the TALL. I keep seeing tall people in suits and ties following me. But my favorite part about using TALL is the phrases you can learn. Currently in the process of learning how to say "Where can I find the nearest store that will sell me a half-kilogram of ham?" 
       My favorite part of this week was teaching our fake investigator, Bong Phoan. He agreed to get baptized, but then the bad part was he surprised us by saying he was moving to Thailand! I almost started crying! But then I instantly became happy when I realized that  meant Lookruu (teacher) Mickelson was COMING TO TOWN! He's the one who taught me everything I know about Cambodian. 
        Well everyone, have a #blessed week! Hope your lives smell better than my feet, cuz my feet stink. All the time. I need new socks. ASAP. See you all next week! 
              Love, Elder Slavens 

Can't remember if I sent this already. ENJOY IT AGAIN if I did.

​Just TELL me this isn't the definition of baller 

 ​AAAAWWWWWWWw, have fun in Thailand performing heart surgery, Bong Phoan!!!! 

​"Lookruu" Slavens teaching peeps Cambodian 

​Whatchyu know about friendship? I found Mahe 2.0 

​Bruno Mars is ACTUALLY in my zone 

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