Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, February 16, 2015

Super glue mends a broken heart

It snowed. I had fun. 

Hello everyone! Let's not dilly-dally with any fancy introductions, and let's just get to the important stuff, shall we?
I WOULD like to begin with the hardships I am facing here at the Provo MTC. The people who do cleaning checks got mad at me because we have 2 open beds in our room, so I took one of the mattresses for 2 times the comfort. AND THEY GOT MAD AT ME!!! Like Acca-SCUSE ME?!?!?! So I had to put it back. But it was glorious while I had it. 

That's all the hardships for now!!! Well, and for a while I was starting to get afraid that I was a poopy teacher, because my investigator told me I talked too much! But I needed to hear it!!! I realized that I was teaching a lesson which is 100% boring, and didn't ever give the people we teach a chance to say anything! So I have been listening to our teachers on how to teach and following the spirit and it is going really well! Teaching in Cambodian is really fun! I'm getting better at reading, but I can't read out loud yet. When I say "better", I mean that now it only takes me 2 and a half hours to read a verse. 

The day before Valentines day was the greatest day of the MTC BY FAR. It was Elder Ros' birthday, so we threw him a HUGE surprise party, and the whole zone showed up to wish him a happy birthday! Elder Lamborn and I made him a cape out of paper towels. His quote of the week comes from when he opened a present and it was Martinelli's Apple Cider, and he said "Turn up at the MTC tonight!" Later that night, to prepare for Valentine's day, all the Elders prepared by putting on face masks to beautify our faces. If you ever want a beautiful face, go to Bed Bath & Beyond. That's where the deep pore cleaning sea-salt masks are at. Good stuff. 

Everyday we get to choose 4 items for breakfast, and our new thing is to use that to get 8 eggs. 2 eggs count as 1 item (boo ya). I take hand fulls of mayonnaise and musturd and we make 16 deviled eggs. Each. It's glorious. 

You guys, I LOVE the MTC!!! Not only is it so fun here, but learning how to be a good missionary and having the spirit with me always is SO COOL!!!! I'm learning how to teach real life people, and I'm learning how to do it in a cray cray Asian language. But I love the culture and can't wait to get to Cambodia! Everyone.... have a great week and STAY SAFE! There's a storm coming, Harry... and we all best be ready when she does.


Gentleman's night, preparing to look fabulous on Valentine's day 

Will you be my Valentine? 

Still getting prepped for the big day!!! 

The day we realized my master looks like human Shrek was the day I said to myself, "Being a missionary is love, being a missionary is life"  

I experimented with eye patches and one eye went blind for 20 minutes. 

Egg night. Ft. Batman 

Always protecting the citizens of Provo 

Enjoying my gift from Brother Preisser 

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