Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cambodia's People Party

Well, hello everyone.

Yes. I have made it. And I think I am going to die.

Cambodia is insane. Let me start from the beginning.

We left the MTC on Tuesday and flew for like a million hours to get here. The Salt Lake Airpot had no Asians, and then a couple of Asian people flew to LA, and then every one flying to Hong Kong was Asian, and then flying to Cambodia every one was Cambodian. I sat next to an old Cambodian lady on the plane and told her I needed help reading the Book of Mormon and just had her read it to me hahahah.

When we got to Cambodia, MY GOSH was it just cray cray!!! Like trees everywhere. Chickens everywhere. English nowhere. I'm learning fast.

We spent our first hour here just walking the streets and talking to people. I was crying on the inside. IT'S SO FUN HARDLY KNOWING ANYTHING!!! When we were allowed to go to bed, I fell STRAIGHT asleep because of jet lag. And then I had a dream. I dreamed I was going to Battambang, South, which is the name of a province in Cambodia.

AND IT HAPPENED!!! There is no such thing as Battambang, South, but that is because there are only 6 missionaries in this tiny little province. I thought for sure I was going to serve in the big main city of Phenom Penh. But NOPE! My trainer companion is Elder Elieson. He is SO COOL!!! We get along great! He loves Les Mis, so when we sing it, he takes Eponine while I take Marius. We had a long 6 hour bus ride ahead of us, so we set off. The bus had karaoke and crazy Thai action movies. So that felt like a dream.

The next couple of days have been crazy. We bike all over in the jungle on dirt roads. There are animals and bugs everywhere. Everyone is SO NICE and love Americans! And I love them!!! I make them laugh because I'm super dumb. The old ladies ESPECIALLY love me. I'm actually a little afraid. I don't want them to take me. The members love to help the missionaries here. There are 2 little boys who bike around with us and help us teach lessons. I really wish I could talk to them better.

Church on Sunday was the best. Like seriously, THE BEST. The power went out like 100 times. No one wore shoes. Babies just crawl around and everyone just talks to each other. People just talk on the phone during sacrament. AND IT IS SO AWESOME!!!! Even though it is crazy hectic here, I still feel like I have Christ as a rock for me (and I need it). You guys, helping people is the best. I'm gonna put some pictures, and I hope you have wonderful weeks. I love serving. I hope you all can see the blessings you all have in your lives, because WE ALL have blessings in our lives!

BE SAFE!!!!!

PS They don't have toilet paper in Cambodia. Only bidets. 

​Long live the provo MTC 

My dope new companion. Everything about him reminds me of me when I was cool.

​Just everything is so great! 

A million kitties with my favorite little kid 

​Average day of swag 

​How people live here

I've eaten the orange Thruan stuff everyday so far

​My housy house.

​The road that leads to the market right outside my housy house.

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