Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Fun times with Bong Gong and Look Poo Thuu

Why PIP PIP CHEERIO, everyone!!!! How is life as a normal person? Probably totes not as swag as life as a missionary. Hey, just be a missionary and you won't have to hear me say dumb stuff like that! If there are any of you just tuning in, YES, I am still at the Missionary Training Center, learning how to speak Cambodian. And breathe Cambodian. And dream in Cambodian. I'm hoping I sleep talk in Cambodian. If you think I do, text 58365 right now and vote "YES". Again, if you think I do, text 58365 right now and vote "YES"! 

I'd just like to give a HUGE shout out to the San Ramon 2nd Ward for CRUSHING it in the dodgeball tournament, ONCE AGAIN. A little birdy told me it was all thanks to a horde of giant tattooed Tongans that all came and just made everyone pee their pants. Classic. 

I'd also like to give a shout out to T-rizzle and his 14th birthday! He can now go to stake dances, so treat him well, ladies. 

I'd like to inform everyone that eating eggs and Cheetos every night is still going very strong. The cafeteria people know us now. They see us, and they get ready to swipe us in for some eggs. I woke up one morning a couple days ago, and I was concerned because my hands were covered in dried blood, but then I realized it was just Cheetos dust from the night before. That was a good morning. Also, JUST TO BE SURE, will one of you consult a doctor for me and ask if constant egg eating is ok? I just want to make sure I'm not destroying my body before I go to Cambodia to destroy my body. 

As Zone Leader, it was Elder Lamborn and I's honor to welcome the new Cantonese missionaries. They are #SoFresh. They are picking up the MTC so fast! I offer them foot massages every night because we learned that a good leader is a servant to who they lead. I have had no takers yet. 

So we had our final lesson with one of our "Investigators". I haven't talked about them much (I mostly talk about eggs), but we have 2. One is Bong Gong, and the other is Look Poo Thuu. Awesome names, AM I RIGHT?! But we had to stop teaching Look Poo Thuu because we are supposed to teach a new investigator soon, and it was SO SAD!!! I hate saying goodbyes, even if it's fake! So we taught about Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the church, and MAN, I have never felt so passionate about it! I started crying! I'm just really grateful for everything Joseph smith did to restore Jesus Christ's church. There's a really good video called "The Restoration" that tells the story. It's so cool. I recommend it! I'll put a link. 

Alrighty, fam fam. Have a darn tootin good day! Wish me luck! Tonight we are all Skyping members IN Cambodia. I'm stoked to be yelling at a computer screen and have no clue what anyone is saying. I appreciate you all! Have a sweet week! 

Me being pleasantly surprised as Master Wager pops up out of a bush 


Elder Osborne is that guy from Hunchback of Notre Dame. FIIIRREEEE 

We ain't your common swag wielders 

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