Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Silly Forgetful Elder Slavens

Wow I totally missed sending out an email last week! Whoopsies! That's what happens when you're dumb like me sometimes.

Actually something really great happened last week! We had the miracle/blessing of seeing one of our investigators baptized! His name's Martin and he's on fire. He actually just recently moved to Kimberly from a more western part of the mission and was being taught by the Elders over there and was like straight up ready to go when he got here. Pretty cool stuff! Whadda guy. So we petty much just tied it all off and finished the lessons. But he's doing great and all that good stuff.

We had a cool big meeting this past week where all the leaders of the mission (District Leaders, Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and trainers) got together and were taught how to be a leader and do it the Lord's way. It was really cool to discuss all the different ways the Savior led and how we can emulate Him. I'm still pretty awful, that's for sure, but hey, I'm definitely working at it and getting better!

Man, there is a lot of chill stuff happening in our area. Since all of the crazy ward changes and stuff things have been rough and our teaching pool small, but all of our ward mission leaders are called and they're PUMPED like yolked and souped up and it's the best. They're so excited to get things moving and we're expecting big things soon. Too bad Elder Brock and I are leaving.

WHAT?? I'M LEAVING?? Yeah, probably. It's only been one transfer, I know, but our whole stake is more likely than not to get moved into another zone this transfer, and we, being the zone leaders, need to be moved into another area. So if that all goes according to President Curtis' current plan, Elder Brock and I'll be packing up our bags and moving out this next week. To Filer, Idaho, most likely. Which is funny, because it's the town RIGHT next to Buhl, my first area! So I suppose it's only fitting that my (probably) last area is in that spot. Kinda cute, huh?

So yeah, that's my life right now. I guess we'll see where that all goes. More info to come! STAY TUNED 'CAUSE I KNOW YOU'RE SO INTERESTED. Love you all muah peace out!

Elder Slavens

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