Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stuff We All Get

That's what SWAG stands for, for those of us who are behind the times.
You wanna know why that's my subject line? Ah, well I have a story to tell in that case.

I went on an exchange with Elder Van Leeuwen this week, companion to one of the District Leaders in our Zone. Our dinner appointment for that evening was the Scout Auction/chili feed the ward was putting on. So we went to this feed excited to just chill out a bit and eat some chili and get to know the members and non-members attending. We had no idea we'd be, like, the center of the show...

So we got there and everybody was shaking our hands and stuff, you know, just happy to see the handsome missionaries. And suddenly the dude in charge of all of it announced that we'd be the judges for the chili contest. I'm like ah crap, now we're 'bout to tick off everyone who loses. But whatever. We tasted all the chili and made a choice and it was said and done. The winner was awarded a thing of Tums.

Then the auction was about to start. We looked around at all the stuff being sold and I found these dope pens and I was like man, it'd be cool to have one of those. So a member walked up and asked, "So what's something that strikes you fancy?" I was like, "Well those pens are pretty chill, but you're not allowed to buy me one or anything." He responds with, "Elder, I will pay whatever is necessary to get you one of those dang pens. In fact, I'll get your companion one too. I brought a bunch of money just so I could do something like this." I figured I couldn't talk him out of it, so I decided to wait. Keep in mind, these pens typically run you 50 bucks when it's not a Scout Auction, but I was like if this is what he wants, I won't fight it!

So the auction begins and this dude is just going crazy. Spending like 50 bucks on cinnamon rolls, 45 bucks on a plate of cookies, you name it, he bought it. Then came out the pens. The bidding started out at 25 bucks, and this guy found himself in like a battle with another dude to get these fancy pens. You wanna know what he bought the pens for? 275 DOLL HAIRS. EACH. He gave us the pens and everybody just stared at us and I wanted to die. But hey, I have a cool pen now.

Dang that was a long story. But that's kinda how my week went. So yeah. Now my hands are dead. Peace out, everyone. I love you all hugs and kisses muah!

Elder Slavens

The pen to end all pens

Mater lives in my area. We're tryna start teaching him.

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