Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Subject Line Is the Hardest Part

Well, it's official! The transfer is imminent, and things are about to be ALLL mixed up 'cause of it. The whole Kimberly Stake is in fact moving into an entirely different Zone, so it was necessary to find a new place to have the Zone Leader area go. As I though, it'll be moved to Filer. HOWEVER, unlike what I expected, I will not be going there with Elder Brock. I'm being transferred to smack dab in the middle of Twin Falls! The big league! The real deal! The holy land! SO hey, that should be fun. I've been moving around so much recently though that transfers are like no big deal at this point. So I suppose it's just time to move on! Bring it, Twin. Show me what you're made of.

This was a good week! It was mainly filled with prepping for the big change. Ya see, all of our ward mission leaders are new, so we've been working like mad to make sure that everything's good to go so that nobody slips through the cracks with the whitewash. What stress. We also had a big meeting this week about talking to everyone in our path, so Elder Brock and I made a pact (a pinky swear, no less) that we would do just that! So we took a solid hour and a half the other day to just walk around and talk to a billion people that we ran into.

Man, that is what missionary work is all about! People aren't out and about very much in Idaho, so we don't have many of those stand-in-the-town-center-and-talk-to-the-millions-of-people-that-pass-by experiences, but it was a beautiful day and there were people all over the place, so it was real nice to just walk around and bug people! It is pretty funny how bugged people get sometimes, but then other times people are just so willing to talk and listen. We talked to this Christian dude who said he used to talk to missionaries but he eventually had them removed from his property for trespassing. He wasn't very nice. But it's all good. That's life. We then walked up to this group of teenage kids on BMX bikes and started kicking it with them for a bit. They said they were chill with Jesus so we talked about Him and shared a scripture and it was very chill. Good times.

My brain is turning to mush so I need to wrap this up. Basically I love my mission 'cause I get to tell people about the most important message in the whole entire universe, and I grow to love these people because I actually want them to understand it. If I don't let them know what's up, that's on me! Oh dang! Anyway, I hope you all have a gorgeous fantastic splendid beautiful week!

Elder Slavens

Mah peeps

 And I don't even walk that much.

Meetings, blah.

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