Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

David Hasselhoff goin up on a Tuesday

I was SHOCKED this week to hear that my companion and every one else in Battambang has been on their missions so long that they haven't even heard "Squad Goin Up on a Tuesday". So I've been teaching like I've never taught before. Playing a little game of ketchup. 

HEY EVERYONE!!! This week was so swell. Especially ending it with Conference. BUT WE'LL GET TO THAT. First off, I would just like to explain some of the things I see on a regular basis here in Cambodia. For some reason everyone is always towing giant trailers of dirt on their motos. Like, how much dirt does one person need? Apparently they all need a lot. Reminds me of Brian Regan talking about logs. In a store I saw egg flavored cereal. I almost died. That's about it. If I think of more, you'll be the first to know. 

So this week was cool because one morning we got to do service. Turned out service was going to this ladies house and chopping out her grass with dull scythes while she watched. And she had a lot of grass. But afterwards I got to battle her kids who were training in Muay Thai! I kicked their butts. 

We taught some pretty good lessons. In one, I kept saying we should strive to be wicked. The word for wicked and the word for righteous are very similar. In another lesson, there was this little kid listening, and then he ran in the house all of the sudden, and ran back out butt naked with a squirt gun and started yelling "ELDER ELDER! SHOOT ME!!!" I had to. 

So basically this week and next week are gonna be really weird. This week was weird-ish because we got to watch General Conference!!!! Which is NOT the same when you are a missionary. You pay FULL attention when you are a missionary. So I encourage all of you to go re-watch it and pretend that you are missionaries! But NEXT week is Cambodian New Year, which is basically a week long excuse to not work and just party. No one wants to listen to some lame Missionaries teach. So instead, we are going to be spending all our time going to members parties (Yessssss...) and cleaning our house. We have to make some area maps, so hopefully my geocaching skills will come in handy. I always knew they would. 

Also I had a dream that I walked into this store that sold Beanie Babies that were combinations of animals (horse dogs, bird frogs, etc.) and then the guy looked at me and said, "there are 2 types of animals we NEVER use for our stuffed animals. Silver back gorillas, and The Vietnamese Hunchback of Notre Nam". So if any of you want to draw up a guess of what you think the Vietnamese Hunchback of Notre Nam looks like, be my guest and please email it to me. The winner's will be posted on my blog next week. Have a $W@G 7 days. Happy Cambodian New Year.

Elder Slavens

​No better lesson than a lesson to 3 little kids in a tuk yuk

​Servin' up swag

I watched some old dudes play chess for a while. I cheered on the one on the left. 

Hey, Elder Slavens! Are those $15 Nike Elites? Nope!
They are 25 cent socks I bought from a member here in Battambang.

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