Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

I'm still Gucci

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to anyone who had a birthday this past week!!! I giveth to you my love. 

This week was wack, man. Seriously, none of us are sure what happened. It went so slow. But so fast. So mellow. BUT SO CRAZY. 

Basically it started at last P-day, where we went to this mountain where tourists go and climbed around. First, some Cambodians in costumes tried to get us to pay them money to get into this public mountain, but my compy Elder Elieson said he was a translator and we got in scot free. Then, the mountain was INFESTED by little Cambodian boys who just ran around showing white people where to go, and then asking for money. But they really liked hanging out with us because we knew Cambodian. They didn't want our filthy money. Just our friendship. They really liked my leg hair. They were like the lost boys from Peter Pan. A ton of little boys running around this weird land with no adult supervision. I'll live there one day. 

Then Cambodian New Years started... That was the end of it all. No one wanted to meet with us. They all just wanted to go Partaaaay! So we kinda had to just dance our way into the party and then sneak little conversations about our church in there. We did get to meet one guy though! We meet him at a New Years party, and he had already heard of our church before and had even learned from the missionaries years ago, so he was ready to learn more! We started teaching him then and there at the party, but then he just casually said "Hey! I'm getting married in a couple months! But I hope it doesn't make my other wives mad..." Turns out he had 4 wives waiting for him in Siem Riep. So we didn't really know what to do. It was awesome. We've been talking with him a little, helping him out, teaching him whats right, but he told us he's leaving for a couple months and he'll be back. We can teach him then. I'm not really sure, but I think teaching him was just a weird dream. I'll miss him. 

Every where we biked this week, we got pelted by kids on the side of the road throwing water balloons and baby powder at bikers and moped drivers. Then when people saw us with crap all over our faces, they were like, "Congratulations! You look so pretty!" There was a sweet party at our church building on Wednesday night where they had these games like "who can fill up a balloon up the fastest" and "who can eat a hard boiled egg the fastest". I hope you all know I have been training NINE WEEKS in the MTC for the hard boiled egg game. I crushed them. First place prize was toothpaste. Unreal. I was so excited beyond belief. Then the party ended with a dance party. I was all over that. The best part about music in Cambodia is it is what was popular in America years ago. They are still freaking out about "What Does The Fox Say" and "Let it Go". So if you hear some song back in the US, I'll hear it probably right when I'm about to come home. I'm currently trying my hardest to teach "It's Friday". I tell them to look it up and show their friends. 

New Years didn't end until this morning. Everyone is finally getting back and ready to get their butts taught off by me. Church was awesome because during second and third hours Elder Elieson and I were asked to teach all the young men and young women. They are so scary. Vicious animals. They gave me food though. 

This week I got to give my first blessing in Cambodian! Which I never thought would be possible. But one of our members we visit kind of often, had head issues, and asked if I'd give her a blessing. So I was like "ok, here goes nothing!" and it was totally cray. But it just shows how much faith the people here have. Faith enough to ask the Lord to bless them through someone with the proper authority. Faith is cool! 

Hey, I just hope you all had a swell week. If it wasn't as swell, email me about your sorrows, and I will do my best to mend them. No one emailed me pictures they drew of the Vietnamese hunchback of Notre Nam. I'm disappointed. I hope you all kill it and HAGS.

Love, Elder Slave-Daddy 

​The Lost Boys. Hide yo kids. Hide yo wife. 

​The grass is always greener. The cockroaches are always crunchier.

​I look so good

They call me the raging beater, because my bike has been transformed into the fastest model yet, the Nimbus 2000

This fiend was hanging out on our wall until Elder Elieson and I battled him for basically a full day. He was bigger than an iPhone 5 or a PSP or your average bidet.

​We usually dance around and try and get these ballers to learn English for free with us.

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