Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, May 25, 2015

All My Clothes Are Falling Apart But Whatever


This week has been ultra chill. We've been putting a bigger focus on the Book of Mormon as the keystone of our message to our investigators and it's just stupid crazy. It's like we plucked out their eyes and put new ones in. It's like they FINALLY flipping understand what we're trying to get them to do! It's hecka cool man. So what we've been doing recently is just going to investigators' houses for like 20 or 30 minutes and reading a chapter or two out of the Book of Mormon. We stop here and there as we read and we discuss things that are happening in the story that apply to our own lives and how we can become better by acting on the things we learn. Santa vaca it is so cool how people react to that. And I don't know why I didn't think of it like a bajillion years ago! But we've started this with 4 investigators and it's like the same story every time - the spirit is ridonculously strong and everybody's bawling and yeah.

We visited one investigator who brought a friend with her, with plans to read the Book of Mormon as previously stated. As we read through the story of the sons of Lehi going back to Jerusalem to recover the brass plates from that doofus Laban I brought up that I thought it was cool that no matter how crazy the situation got, Nephi was always willing and stoked to keep trying and be obedient. The friend of our investigator was like "Wait a sec, I got something kinda different from that. It seems like the first two times they tried, Nephi was just all like 'Yeah, I have this cool idea and I think it'll work, so let's try it,' and it never worked out that way. It wasn't until Nephi stepped back and prayerfully considered the situation that it actually worked out and the job got done. Seems to me that Nephi was a little bit prideful at first and needed to be humbled a bit before God would let everything work out." And I was like DAAAAANG THAT IS SO COOL 'cause we all have different points of view and there are so many different ways to think about it and AH! It was dope 'cause I was just like dang, I never even thought about it that way before and I've read this story like a hundred times! So we all learned something and it just goes to show ya that you never stop learning from the Book of Mormon! It was way powerful and I'm stoked to keep having visits like that. Heck yeah.

So yup, that's my life right now. Keep it chill and keep it simple, whatever that means. It's just what's in my brain right now so I typed it. PEACE.

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