Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, May 11, 2015

Feliz Cinco de Cuatro

Yo yo yo yo

I just skyped my family y'all. They are doin good. How are you? I am doin good? tooty toot too. 

So I have decided to take a poll. I have decided I want to immerse myself in the Cambodian culture more. So I am going to grow out one of my fingernails to unnatural lengths. But only one.The question goes as follows: Which fingernail should I grow out? That is all. Email your answers to immediately, also followed by a selfie.

So this week like TOOOOONs happened. We saw crocodiles. Wow! Fun! The King of Cambodia came to Battambang. But also, like I said last week, so did Demi Lavoto. So... Are they the same? #SwitchedAtBirth  

Speaking of crocodiles there was a wacko rain storm and lightening was striking all around us (we almost got hit. I wanted it.) so I FINALLY got to wear my Crocs. HURRAY!!!! But yah, I almost died by being struck by mother natures curling iron. She was not happy. 

I fell on my bike again. It broke like real bad. So while it was in the shop for repairs and tender care I got to ride around on the back of my companions bike. He had to dope me around HA HA!!!!!! But jokes on me, I gave him buff legs. 

Elder Elieson and I spent a solid 10 minutes chasing around a chicken with some family. I couldn't tell if they needed the chicken, or if it was some weird, cruel game. I had fun with it. 

I hope this week for you all feels like you are weightless in the middles of the ocean, surrounded by a million tiny little seahorses. I know it will for me. That's just what happens when you serve the Cambodians. 

Love 4ever, 
Elder you CROC to be kidding me! 

Ps sorry for no pictures. They were really good this week, but I forgot my camera at my house. for sure selfies will be posted next week.

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