Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Monday, June 8, 2015

The Only Thing I Haven't Done Yet Is Die

Hhhhookayyyyy people! I don't have a ton of time this week because I got on the computer late 'cause I spent my Monday morning doing the chillest thing imaginable for a missionary!

I got to clean the temple today.

The Twin Falls temple is out of commission for the next 2 weeks for remodeling, so President Curtis called us up a few days ago to see if we would be down to help out. I said heck yeah that sounds swag. So we went by in the morning and helped them move around a bunch of furniture so they could re-carpet and re-tile and some other cool jazz. We spent like 2 hours moving desks and chairs and tables and cabinets and all this stuff and it was so crazy being in the temple doing stuff like that. You never picture yourself huffin' and puffin' from manual labor within the temple. But it was such a blessing and a privilege. Easily the most calm and collected I've every felt while moving around way heavy couches and stuff.

When we finished cleaning everything up the custodian dudes said they wanted to take us on a tour so we got to see EVERYTHING. They took us all around and showed us all the fancy inner-workings /underbelly of the temple and it was so crazy to see. You always picture the temple as this super simple place and you just walk in and do baptisms and stuff and then you walk out and it's all chill. But then you go downstairs and see all these levers and plugs and computer screens and vents and grates and and and AND. It was very complex and legit. THEN THEY TOOK US UP TO THE ROOF. We went up to the very top of the temple and there was a door that went INSIDE THE STEEPLE. So we went in there and there was this way tall ladder that led all the way up to the top of the steeple and you could pretty much touch the angel Moroni's feet from inside and dang it was just so cool. It's a shame I couldn't have my camera with me. BUT I did find a cool feather from a bird who had been chilling on top of the temple so I guess I'll hold onto that as a keepsake and just remember it forever. Besides, today I finally overcame trying to fit the world inside a picture frame.

So yeah that's what's up and now my hands are exhausted so I'll wrap it up there. Expect more talk on missionary work next week! You are all the dopest peace out.

Elder Slavens

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