Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, June 21, 2015



How it be? This is me. Whats new? I want to show. you. lawl like Tom Riddle in the diary. 

So wack things, people. Everything has changed. I have stayed here in Battambang, the province here in Cambodia. But my last companion LEFT waaaaaa. I cry every night. I miss him more than I miss watching Spongebob. But my new companion, Elder Reeves, WOW is he good! He is just SO friendly! He makes every one happy! He smiles super big and he is like 100,000% sincere. Sincerier than me 4 sure. 

We just spent all the time before Elder Elieson left going around and saying bye to people and giving short-little spiritual thoughts. Because now they are just stuck with me. I have to lead around my new companion who doesn't know the area and I have to use Cambodian like a fire fighter has to use fire swords. Slashing and burning, baby. Its super crazy and fun. 

My favorite moment of the week was when I was asked if I like bread or rice better. I of course chose chocolate. And then I was informed that if I eat bread and white soy milk, my skin will turn lighter and lighter. Until I am invisible, I guess? And if I eat rice and chocolate soy milk I will turn darker and darker until I am Cambodian. 

See ya ya'll. My new compy is from Texas. Like me old one. I don't see whats so special about dumb old Texas. He is 18. I am 19 (lol). Now I am catching on to Texas language though. 

Also as I told stories of my father to the other missionaries here to honor the day set apart for the honoring of our fathers, I got them all to burst into a round of applause. Congratulations, Monte. You are a star. 


The tears will literally never stop flowing. RIP Elder 

​But it is ok because I got to be companions with 2 other bawlers for a day! 

​And my new All-Star companion, Elder Reeves! He gets the game on. This was the day after he got here. All of the young men and young women taking us to all the less active peoples house. SO FRESH 

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