Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Where do I even begin. 

I guess at the beginning of last week? So basically we went and played at the crocodile farm, which is a place where I have been a couple times here where they raise crocodiles to sell to other countries, but this time it was 100% better. Because I almost got eaten. I was walking on the dirt, and there was a sheet of metal on the floor, and I stepped on it and it turned out the metal was covering a whole in the ground, and when I stepped on it it broke in two and I just fell 3 feet down into this PIT! And I was just sitting there, shocked, and then I noticed... My legs are socking wet. That's when I thought "...Crocodiles" and I JUMPED out and was screaming! It was actually just a sewer for crocodile poop, but I thought I had fallen into a crocodile mating ground! My life was spared that day. Everyone was laughing at me even though I almost died. 

The biggest miracle I saw this week was just yesterday at church! I was reflecting about how all the people we teach are too busy to come to church, and so they have no way to truly progress. And so I knelt down and said a prayer that my companion and I would be able to find someone who was truly ready and wanted to hear about Heavenly Father's church. And so I went to church, and had a great day. But then right as we were leaving the building, this white guy pulls up with his Cambodian wife and their 2 kids. And he told us, in English, that he just got back from America, and had learned a little bit about our church there, and now came back and wants his family to learn. So that was awesome. We showed them around the church and talked a little bit about Heavenly Father. His name is Jason, and he told us he was so happy to meet us and that he wants to come to church every week with his family. And I KNOW that you get the most out of the gospel when you do it with your family! So I am excited for what Elder Reeves, my companion, and I can bring into this family's lives! WOOT WOOT! Score one for the power of prayer.

I love you and I love life 
Elder Slavens

​Hello, chap

Who's that Elder hanging in that tree?
It's me! It's me! 
I said WHO's that Elder hanging in that tree? 
It's me! It's me!

A million crocodiles in my hands!

and then I fell into this pit


Put a bird on it

 ​Style points 100 

​There is a monk here who is FAMOUS because he is a midget!

​This lady's kid fell asleep while standing while she was driving her moto

This picture is from a couple weeks ago when we went cave exploring in a mountain, and a bat flew into our picture. 
It then flew into my mouth and I ate it whole like that one Halloween book.

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