Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Recon A-20 flutter kick and a flash-bang through the door!

Gather round... Gather round... 
Can you all hear me? Can you all see me? 

I would like to congratulate all of you who have made it this far in reading my emails. Thank you for not leaving, because I am SURE these emails suck. Not entertaining or helpful in any way. 

Anyways, I would like to update everyone on my life. Just a nice mission update. I have been on my mission for almost 7 months now (wowzers!) I just moved locations, and I am now in my second area of my mission, called Kampong Cham. It is super awesome and province-y. I have been here 3 weeks now, and my new and 4th companion is named Elder Beacco. He told me yesterday that I remind him of his ex-girlfriend. Take that as you will. His brother is in a super sweet metal band. We live in a house with 4 other Elders. And it is a PARTAY. 

So anyways, this week the Elders were asked if we could help do the service that I have been DYING to do the whole time I have been here! We went to a field way out in the middle of nowhere and planted rice! IT WAS DOOOOOPE! I was up to my knees in brown water, sludging around, and taking rice plants and shoving them into mud. But then we all got super sun burned, and I thought I as gonna die. So that hurt monkey butt. 

Speaking of Monkeys, we also had the chance to go journey up the side of a mountain. And I know I have sent pictures with monkeys before, but this one was INSANE! I counted literally one million monkeys. They would walk up, and start petting and pulling at my leg hair, and then they would just climb up my leg! And if I bent down, they would jump on my shoulders! And climb up all over my body! I took one home with me and he is currently sitting in my suitcase, waiting to go back to America with me. 

So, you know that guy Elder Holland? Elder Jeffrey R. Holland? The apostle of the Lord in these latter-days? He's making a South East Asia trip, visiting all the missions and members and such. So next week we will all have the chance to go to the main city in Cambodia and meet with him for 2 days or so. He is going to be talking to all of the missionaries and members here in Cambodia. I really really really hope he one-on-one interviews me because that would just be stellar. 

Not much more on the work here. I am still trying to figure out the area and remember the names of all the new members I meet. But I have learned to LOVE going to peoples houses and talking with them and sharing scriptures that helped lift me up to lift up them. And Josh Groban. He ALWAYS lifts me up. There is one guy here who is 18, whose name is Seyha. He gave me his snapchat so you could all snapchat him pictures of me and you together. So find your favorite picture of me and you together, having a jolly grand time, and send it on over to "seyhaaugust2" via snapchat. And caption it "I love Elder Slavens!" 

Thanks everyone! Now go shave your faces and make your selves look presentable! 
Love you! 
Elder $1@V3NZ

The picture of the year

Walking to the rice field 

​In the process

They all just wanted to shake my hand


​Fish eating my feet skin. if you were a mermaid, would the fish still eat your feet skin?
 Or would they be all against cannibalism? 

       You all ASKED for a super artsy picture of me and my companions shoes as we enter a house to do the Lord's work!

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