Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Who here has ever heard of John Cena? Because the people of Cambodia love him almost more than life itself. He is a wrestler on WWE. I have gotten pretty good at doing his moves, like waving my hand in front of my face, and elbow pile driving the daylights out of people. 

This week was an interesting one. Mostly because we spent so much of our time cleaning. Basically when I got here, my new house, which has 6 Elders in it, was a wreck. And so, with a toilet brush and a bottle of bleach in hand, we headed into battle against 99.99% of the germs in our home. We decided if we didn't clean, we would probably die. So I have found that I truly do love to clean. Especially when it is really bad at first. 

We bought a mouse trap, and the first night we set it up, we caught 8 mice. So cool. 

Earlier this week we (all the Elders here) were asked if we could come help build a bridge at a members house, because my new area, Kampong Cham, is right by the Mekong river, and when it rains it FLOODS man. And so all the houses here are on stilts like 8 feet in the air, so this member wanted us to build a bridge from the road to her house so she could enter her house. So we show up, and she has no wood or rope or hammers or anything. She just thought we knew how to whip a bridge magically out of thin air. It was so awesome. So we had a good laugh about that for a while and then we went home. 

My favorite part of this week was when we, as a zone of missionaries, were having a meeting about how we could get the members here to keep coming to church instead of just getting baptized and then never coming to church again. It finally led to us all crafting a beautiful lesson out of thin air that we all want to share with members! It is about having a view of the temple, figuring out how to actually learn from the scriptures, and being an example. It's super good. 

I am still adjusting to be in a new area, but it is amazing, and I LOVE my new companion, Elder Beacco. He is super huge. He doesn't know if he wants to go into the Marines or not. So if you have any thoughts, let me know. 

Elder Slavens 

​Fast and Furious 7

​This is the 90 year old member named New Saw who has been fixing bikes since '52

​The sisters new investigator who just got baptized. And she is the worlds best lady. She almost made me pee my pants because we will be having a conversation, and just in the middle of it she'll slither out the word "Slavens..." and then just keep going. And she has no teeth and loves to talk about how she has no teeth. And she is fluent in French and when she sees us she says "Helloooooooo" exactly like how I spelled it. 

​Before a good scrubbing 

After a good scrubbing

Sometimes when you have a ton of trash, alls you needs to do is burn the sucker. 

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