Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dungeons and Dragons

So who wants to hear about my week? The water in my house shut off. It is not because we aren't paying for it. We are. But Cambodia is just awesome. So we haven't had running water in 3 days. So guess when the last time I washed dishes or took a shower or even just washed my hands was? 3 days ago. Pray for me. I don't know when the next time I will have a shower is. Do I care? NAAAAAAAAAW

This week was insane. Let's just start with the hobo lady that my companion and I stopped and talked to for a second one night. We were biking home, and then we saw a hobo lady so we stopped to talk to her. She had some crazy mental issues. Which made the conversation interesting, until something I just couldn't imagine happened. It's something you see in movies, but never expect to really happen. We're talking to her, and then a group of kids ride by on their bikes, swoop in close, and just UNLOAD rocks at the lady we were talking to. They were yelling and screaming and laughing. I couldn't really believe it. Then they came up from behind and did it again. We were just trying to comfort this lady and ask her if she was ok. The kids start swinging in on their bikes for a third time, and so I jump right in front of the lady and block her so the kids couldn't throw any more rocks at her. I walked after the kids and just asked them why? They wouldn't answer. They didn't come back (mostly because I told them the cops were coming). But I had just listened to a talk on charity, and how we need to help out homeless people. So know it is possible, people. Alls you gotta do is just stop. Talk to em for a second. 

The miracle from this week came from fasting. FASTING IS DOPE. Miracles always happen. Earlier in the week, we were just about to head home from a lesson with a member, when a COMPLETELY wasted guy stumbles in on the lesson. So we decide to take him home. It's the middle of the night, we don't want him to pass out somewhere random and never get home. So as we are basically dragging this drunk dude, I am cracking p. But he keeps asking us if we will pray with him and such. We realize he is a member of our church! So we get him home, which is next door to another members house. On Saturday, we decide to teach a lesson to the neighbor about inviting the drunk member to church again, and you know what, HE DID! And the drunk guy came to church sober! It was amazing! A member who found us, who we never knew about, came to church because he was just invited! It was awesome. Pretty hard to fully tell how cool it was over email. But just never give up hope, I guess? There is a lot to be learned from the drunk dude story. 

To wrap up this email I would just like to tell you all that one of the people who lives in my house with me now knows how to play Dungeons and Dragons. So we have been playing that every night. It is beautiful. It is larping in your brain. 

Also, My current companion, Elder Beacco, is OUT OF HERE! My new companion... Elder Hall. If any of you were at BYU with me and Elder Hall during the summer or fall, this is pretty exciting. I've know this guy for way long now. We go WAAAAAAY back. He knows my cousin. He is from Texas, like all of my other companions. 

That's all I got for this week. Peace out. Lexi Grondell (too fre$h Lex), send me an email. 

Love, Elder 

​I want you all to appreciate how straight this cows teeth are. 2 years of braces, and my teeth aren't CLOSE to that straight! 

Double take at that cows teeth 

​Had one of the Assistants to the Mission President come with us for a day, 
so we celebrated by taking a selfie.

This week I don't have a lot of pictures, but that is because I filmed a lot of videos. I am trying to upload them onto a google drive, and attach the link so ya'll can see all my pictures and watch so videos if you miss my voice. I forget what all your voices sound like. 

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