Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I got off at 6. Then you can tell me more about that tosser Harry Potter.

If any of you were trying to hide a horcrux, where would you hide it? Because I am 100% sure I found one here. Cambodia is the PERFECT place to hide a horcrux. Literally NO ONE would come looking for it here. There was this big pile of dirt out in the jungle, and I just thought, for sure there is one in there. 

Well, like I promised last week, I will give an update on "OPERATION: SLASH AND BURN". It is going swimmingly. We have a million records of members who were baptized, but no one knows. So we are going around, following the maps to get to their houses, and taking pictures to update the records. Then we ask them if they will be able to come back to church. It's SUPER funny because we try to imagine riding up to someones house and taking pictures of their house and family in America, and we just think we would get arrested. So It is a good thing we are in Cambodia! 

My favorite finds this week was a family that has a daughter who looks just like Cambodian Annie, and another lady who, when I told her that in America we believe that cats have nine lives, she said "there is no way. American cats are either really strong, or Cambodian cats are super weak. Because there are dead cats in the middle of the road here. All the time." 

Aside from following treasure maps to get to peoples house, we got some lessons in this week. We met with one old guy who told us his life story during the Khmer Rouge. He told us that he would make these 3 string instruments called takhe's  out of trees and learn to play it on his own. But then guards found out, came to his house, took all his stuff, and told him and his brothers to leave. So they had to walk 40 kilometers, or like 25 miles, bare foot with no sleep. 

Studies this week: I have been trying to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ affects and changes people's lives, and how Jesus personally taught people, so I can reflect my teaching of His gospel to become more like His. Super Eye opening.

Well, I hope you all have a #STELLAR week. Enjoy school, everyone. Read some books.

Love you long time, 
Elder Slavens

Never washing my hand again


​We got caught in some good rainstorms this week 

​Boats and smoke on the water

It's a hard knock life

​The sun will come up tomorrow 

Drunk guy #1 we talked to this week. He tried to throw his cigarette into his mouth and kept missing and 
I almost peed watching it

​Bushes. Dirt. And chickens. All day everyday.

We showed up to a members house, just to find him studying his scriptures. 
It was so heartwarming, we had to sneak a picture. 

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