Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Who needs a girlfriend when you have good friends?

So what up? 

Ok. Me neither. I am just sitting here emailing. Wanna go hang out and get a burger or a subway sandwich or a cup of the worlds best cup of coffee?

Well no. I am here. So go on without me. See ya later. 

So this week started and it was one of those wacky Cambodian holidays that just kinda pop out of no where, and it causes us to have no one to meet for a couple days. So we were told to stay in our house and deep clean. Well for those 2 deep cleaning days, I was SUUUUUPER sick. It was the first time I have been sick on my mission! I would say i was going to go clean the upstairs, and then I would lay on the floor and fall asleep because I was exhausted. And then people would walk up, and I would wake up and try and make it look like I was scrubbing the floor. It was a real bad 2 days. But I fainted! I was walking up the stairs, everything went dark, so I burst into my room and crashed to the floor, only in time to take a shelf with me. I WISH I GO PRO'D MY WHOLE MISSION!

Elder Hall and I have also biked into 2 cock fights during my time here in Kampong Cham. They are super illegal here so it is super funny to bike in on. Every one thinks because we are white, we have power, and we are gonna shut them down. But I just want to watch! 

And we had 2 investigators get baptized! They are awesome! I love them. There are a million pictures of it because one of the kids there stole my camera and took pictures of the whole thing. 

Not much more, man. I wish I had more, man. 
I love you, man.
ELder SLavens

I am pondering! 

​I am in a thing of sweetened condensed milk! 

So much cash money $$$

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