Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, December 28, 2015

Can he swing from a web? No he can't, because he's a pig.

Merry Christmas, gangsters. 

Christmas day, my companion and I woke up. We did it. Step one was complete. We woke up. Then, we went into our study room. In our study room we made a Christmas tree out of a green towel. Underneath our tree was a pile of presents! I don't know how Santa knew where I was, but he always knows. We opened presents, and than made a nice breakfast.

Afterwards, we went to the market, and bought butt tons of fruit. Then we went with the Sisters, and gave out the fruit as gifts to our bishops and such. As we did so we caroled and sang to our hearts delight. 

After this festivity, then we met all the missionaries in my zone for a huge Christmas dinner. We had the equivalent to that one meal the Grinch explains, with roast beast and gabbles of goobles and geebles of gingles. 

Afterwards we watched a slide show of this last year as missionaries. And I have been here basically a year. So that was off the hook. Then we had a testimony meeting to share what we felt. I shared. And I felt. 

Then, the next day we skyped our families. What a true delight that was, brethren. Trenton's voice has changed. Jackson hasn't changed. It made me giggle. I couldn't figure out how to make my microphone work so they could hear me, so for a while I was just listening to them. Out of frustration, I stuffed the microphone into my mouth, and they said they could hear me! It was a Justin Bieber Christmas miracle! 

I hope you are all safe and that you are careful. You all know how it goes. There is always a super fun, peaceful season of joy, and then afterwards... BOOM. It all goes bad. The purge happens. SO watch out people. Your neighbors may not be a cheerful and nice as you might of thought they were. Stay close to your friends. But keep your enemies closer. 

Elder Elderson 

To wear my Santa hat and helmet at the same time, I had to become a Teletubbie

I found a Santa impostor. SANTA DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE SAXOPHONE! What an idiot. He has elves for that. 

Elder Slavens spotting in aisle 5

I fulfilled my sushi needs


Is it a Christmas snowball? Yes. It is full of meat. I ate it. 

We had an Inception moment while riding our bikes. We have to do the kick! C'MON LEO, START THE KICK! 

The night before Christmas all we had was a lonely tree...

AND THEN SANTA BABY CAME! Santa, that big old fat baby! He sure knows how to jingle my bells.


My companion blew us all away... AGAIN 

Some boys

Another Elder got a picture of me singing which I thought was worth sharing #JeanValJean

My old compy, Elder Beacco, showing me how much he misses me 

I like most of the people in this picture

​My favorite moment of the week. We teach a lesson, and afterwards I see the dudes wife watching Ace Ventura, arguably the best movie ever. She sees me watching and tells me I missed the best part, when he is inside a rhino and then he starts trying to escape because he is too hot, and a family sees and thinks the rhino is giving birth, but then Jim Carrey comes out with no clothes on. Hearing her describe that in Cambodian was the funniest thing I have ever experienced. 

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