Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cyberdyne Systems. We are the future.

My emails are the special time of year for all the little boys and girls from around the world to read what they really want to hear. So lettuce begin.

As Christmas rolls around (mmmm take out the word Christmas there and put in Costco and your mouth will start watering) even Cambodia has started to get into the holiday spirit. There are Santa robots ringing bells and Christmas carols playing all up and down the roads! And to celebrate, our church had a big Christmas meeting, where all the members in the country who could make it to the main city met together and had choirs sing, speakers speak, and drummers drum, and french hens honk, and tooters toot, and maids milk! It was awesome! But the best part was: my companion had a solo. AND LET ME JUST TELL YOU. He is a modern day Javert. You guys should here him. And he had to rehearse for the concert, and I would just sit and listen. And it reminded me of how David Archuleta  recorded 'Glorious' while he was on his mission, and his lame talentless companion just sat around. 

BUT THEN. They asked me to sing with him. So instead of being the lame talentless companion who just listens, I was the lame talentless companion who sang with David Archuleta! So my gift to the Cambodians for Christmas was my voice. And they hated it, I am sure. 

Do you want to hear the worst part of my week? Since I got out of the provinces and there are actual grocery stores here now, I go to there. And I was there buying an American toothbrush, and this Indian lady walks up. And I make conversation about tooth brushes. I say that this store doesnt sell any tooth brushes that are American, then I ask where she is from. She says India. And I say "This place has Indian tooth brushes. How are the tooth brushes in your home land?" and she responds that they are fine. As we go deeper into conversation, she wants to know about our church. I explain (for more information, see your local missionaries). Then she asks how old I am. I say 19. And this is what she says in response: "I can tell". 

I. CAN. TELL. I CAN TELL?! What is that supposed to mean?! I was furious! SO I grabbed what she was purchasing from her hands and I threw it on the ground and yelled at here and punched a whole in a wall and in my OWN FACE! 

Naw. I just said, "It's truth. Look at this smooth as babies bottom chin". So I guess I have to grow up more when I talk to strangers? I don't know. Text VOTE to 92339 if you think I should stay the same. 

Best part of the week: We had nothing to do after our first round of church (since we have 2 areas, 2 rounds of church AKA 6 hours YIPPEE) and then all of the sudden a guy walked in and asked if he could learn about our religion. We gave him a tour of the church building, which I have never done before, but it was quite successful in the episode of 'The District' I saw, and it worked for our guy too. You show 'em where they'll get baptized and they are so down. Then he came to round 2 of church #L0V3

Merry Christmas, all.
And all a good night (bus) #TakeItAwayErn

There's a really good video of me being serenaded by the guy who cut my hair today up in here

Reunited with Elder Hall for 3 seconds. Then he went back to the Kampong Cham with a little bit of bread. LIKE SOOOOOOO LITTLE BREAD. LIKE DOOOD. DO YOU EVEN HAVE ENOUGH BREAD?

The train tracks we teach on

Are you ready, kids?


Classic, Cambodia. 


Praise, Hallelujah 



Me waiting for David Archuleta to finish

Me anq qeople

​Me anq more qeople

​This is the choir that not only featured in "Paper Walls", but also the choir that featured in "Aint it Fun". Did you know? 

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