Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pajama Sam

Yo yo yo yo yo! 

Whom amongst you has ever spent the Christmas season in Cambodia? Anybody? Anybody? Will all those in favor PLEASE make it manifest! PLEASE make it manifest! PLEASE make it manifest! Well I am about to. And let me tell you: IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS! BUT! I have more news. Just this past week I went from my old area, Kampong Cham, to a new area in the middle of the city of Phnom Penh. So basically I went to hicks living in houses on stilts in the middle of the jungle to smart people WHO KNOW ENGLISH living in a giant city. And I am scared. And miss the boondocks. But the blessing: there are Christmas lights here. And fake Christmas trees. And American food. And I hear Christmas songs! 

The end of my reign in Kampong Cham was a beautiful moment. I just went around and said bye to peeps, but we got to meet and teach someone from France! His name was Christian! And we taught him in English. It was way weird. I feel like I was trying to formulate English sentences but I am sure babbling nonsense just spewed from my mouth. 

I'll miss Elder Hall because he is like a character in an 80's movie, but now I have Elder Grimaud. He is from San Jose. So close me! He loves guitar and things. He is a hunk. And he won't let me call him a hunk because he is too humble about it. QUIT BEING SO HUMBLE! To get up to the main city to meet with him, I had to take a van and be companions with 2 SISTERS! It was disgusting. No boys! Imagine that. 

I got here and instantly we had all these giant meetings. The church here is way different than the church out in the provinces. They know what they are doing here. It is like America, but even better because everyone wears flip flops still. Out in the boonies, I had church in a house! So this is an upgrade, people. But you wanna hear what ISN'T an upgrade?!?!?! I had to TRANSLATE for some meeting! BARF ON ME! I hated it. I don't know Cambodian! Are you kidding me?! So all the Cambodian people I had to translate for (it was a meeting in English), I apologize because I am sure they got nothing out of that meeting. 

There are no geocaches in my area. Sorry everyone. No geocaches means no fun. Thats all good. I got some good pictures. Take a look. 

Ps if you want to see my future wife:

I took some time today to stalk blogs of missionaries who have served in my ward before AND I FOUND MYSELF ON ONE!!! WOO HOO thanks Elder Kloosterboer! 

​My last moment with Elder Hall! WE SO HUNGRY! 

​Me and my 2 companions for a day (girls, just in case you couldn't tell)

My new compy. If you recognize him, good for you. 

​I told you he was a hunk. He sings. 

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