Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Taco Tuesdays.

HOLA COMO ESTAS? Muy Bien! Como te gato elle trandedandes. 

In Cambodian, that translates to "Would you like to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ, sir?"

This week one of our investigators got baptized. His name sounds very similar to Udon noodles. But it is Udom. His mom was just baptized into this church 4 months ago, and lead all of her children to this church because she loves it so much. But her son, Udom, who is the oldest, didn't like it. He is more of the rock n' roll type. He used to live in Thailand. Whenever a story being told by a Cambodian starts with "back in Thailand..." or  "When I lived in Thailand..." you know it is going to be bad. Because the people in this country don't just run to Thailand to do nothing. So he has had a crazy life. But then, just like that, he randomly asks us if we'll teach him. We don't know what made him have the change to want to learn. It happened before I got here. But alls I know is that he is way cool. He doesn't even know how to read Cambodian. He only read in Thai. So that made lessons fun. But this last week he got baptized. He had to get interviewed to get baptized, and he didn't have anything to ride to the church to get interviewed, so we took him for a spin. 

His mom says that Udom was not the only child of hers who hasn't been baptized. There are more out there. She said she is going to call all of her children to come to the city where we are so they can learn. Her kids that are baptized say "what if they don't want to?" and she says "oh, they will want to. They will want to..." 

Also I met 2 guys this week whose line of work was literally guarding a car. Not a house, or work place. They guard a car. TWO GUYS! One car. And get this, their boss's official work title is "The one who watches the two guys who watch the car". To make sure they don't mess up. 

I went to my first Cambodian wedding this week. They are 3 days long. I went for an hour. And in that hour, ate an 8-course meal. Everyone dressed up and wore so much makeup, and there was live music. Just what a good party needs. 


Rode a tuk tuk and went to the Cambodian Killing Fields. History, man. It's a thing. 

Got to do a headset tour. One day I'll make a headset tour of my life and you walk through my house and listen to me talk about my life. It will start and end in the bathroom. Then to leave you will stand in the toilet and flush yourself down into the Ministry of Magic. Because I am a wizard. 

I let a Cambodian listen to the headset with me, on one condition: 

He take pictures with me

I drew a picture of my favorite district leader ever, Elder "The Rock" Olson. 

My companions eyebrows are spectacular 

I like the way I look in my suit. He guaranteed I would. 

Udom before he was baptized 

Udom on his way to be interviewed to get baptized 

Udom gettin baptized yo 

The wedding and the one being wedded. 

We'll finish off this email sesh with my new favorite album. Takes me back to the frosted tips days #Frosty #Pukashellzzz

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