Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Salesmen of North-Eastern Pennsylvania, I ask you once more rise and be worthy of this historical hour. 

As you all know, my time has been spent doing nothing but finding people to teach. Well I'll have you all know that it is paying off. I would like to share with you one experience I had this week: 

Elder Hunt and i were walking down the street. We see 3 dudes sitting at a table outside a house, just playing on the computer. So we go over and just talk about computers for a little bit. "So how many gigs does your computer have? Wooooow that's a lot of gigs!" is how the conversation went, if I remember correctly. 

Well, we invited them to come to our English class. One of them, named Jarod, also was interested in the other side of our teachings, The Church of Jesus Christ. So we gave him a pamphlet. 

Then English class rolls around. Jared shows up. He goes into class. Every English class, we share a spiritual thought. Today it was on "forgiveness". Something Jesus Christ was and is really good at. 

Afterwards, Jared walked up to me with tears in his eyes. He said that 2 months ago, his girlfriend was stolen by his best friend (people, don't steal your friends girlfriends). He said he hasn't figured out how to cure himself from the anger and disgust and pity for himself he always feels now. And, quoting him, he said "I feel like God has talked to me today and told me I need to forgive."

He is now learning, and because he has a willing heart, the Gospel is making a freaking sweet change in his life. I'm super happy for him. I'm super happy for you that you got to read this. 

Now go, and spread the joy of my message with all oyu cross. 

And remember, No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself. Some people will tell you salesman is a bad word. They'll conjure up images of used car dealers, and door to door charlatans. This is our duty to change their perception. I say, salesmen and women of the world... unite. We must never acquiesce, for it is together... TOGETHER THAT WE PREVAIL. WE MUST NEVER CEDE CONTROL OF THE MOTHERLAND! FOR IT IS TOGETHER THAT WE PREVAIL! 

Me and Elder Hunt hanging out with two Cambodian Bert Mccrackens 

I purchased this movie and really really really want to watch it. ​

We made the best ribs I have ever inserted into my voice hole 



Jump into the fog with me 

The March edition of the Liahona portrays Alma as a very "give me some of your tots"-esque person 

Elder Nathan Hunt from San Diego, California. Home of Ron Burgundy, the man with the suit from the toilet store 

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