Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wassail wassail all over the town

Let's start this email by talking about my new companion. Elder Ros. He is Cambodian, but born in America. And he is a beast. He was in the MTC with me and has lost a flip ton of weight on his mission and then got new clothes so now he is way attractive too. Just basically everything about him is cool. 

We went to a burger place to celebrate our companionship and he ordered "The Lion Burger" which is 1.2 kilos of meat, eggs, bacon, cheese, and whatever else they use to make burgers and devoured it in like 10 minutes. He is so impressive. 

Now I would like to share with you all a dream I had, and tie it into what I am doing here in Cambodia.  

I had a dream I was at the Salt Lake visitor's center with 2 Cambodian men, looking up at the Christus statue. And I was telling them that the statue was there, with Christ's hands out stretched like that so we could feel the scars on his hands and our faith and trust in Him could grow. One of the guys reached out immediately and felt the hands and the scars.

The other guy just kept watching and smiling. I was like, "go ahead, go feel the scars" 
and he was like, 
"no, that's ok. I just like to watch." 
and I said, 
"No! All you have to do is FEEL His hands and your belief and spiritual self will grow so much!"
and he still wouldn't do it. 

So that dream affected me because it made me really realize what I am doing. I am doing what the apostles did in the New Testament. Except I have a bike, and I don't get to wear sandals. But I ride around, and alls I do all day everyday is invite people to learn about Jesus Christ, and test His teachings in their lives. And I do that because I like it. I like His teachings. And I hope people I teach will like it too. One year ago I couldn't really say that that is what I do. I would say I was more of a "put in my plan to meet members and less active members and teach them a random lesson so I don't have to bother people out in public" kind of missionary. But now, I don't give a hoot. I want to bother people because I know how good it really is. That's the change that has come over me this past year. 

This week is Cambodian New Year, where everyone gets drunk and goes to the provinces. It is going to be way fun having no one to meet because they are all gone. But we have some fun activities lined up. I hope you all have a safe Cambodian New Years. Love you.
Elder សាកសព ស្លេក
Leaving one companion and picking up another. 

And then our mission president comes out as we are selfieing 

Cambodian New Year means sitting in a circle on the floor and eating food until it is up to your neck

The picture Elder Paramore drew of me while we were watching conference 


I saw a Suzuki Samurai that made me super trunky 

More Cambodian New Years selfie action 

The burger Elder Ros ate. 

Dallin's companion Elder Ros' email

REAN English Program in the Basic Zone! Holla!!! 

This transfer's real! It's happening! Looking fresh Elder Slavens! 

This is what the Crazy Lion Burger looks like in Mike's Burger House, 20 minutes later, I ate it all and I earned me and 3 other missionaries (that include Elder Slavens) a free t-shirt! 

Celebrating a return missionary's Birthday named Lida! Along with other members in North Zone! 

                       Happy Khmer New Year 2016 this time for real everyone! Apparently this country celebrates the country earlier than the actual week or day that it's suppose to happen. Hahaha! I have officially arrived in Teuk La'ak safely to serve with a member of my "MTC Family" known as Elder Slavens from San Ramon to Oakland, California. Here's the gist of how'd last week went!: 

        I going to need to cut this post quite short, just to make it a straight forward post! I had to say Good bye to all I can bid farewell to members in Steung Mean Chey Ward 3! So I officially returned to the North Zone! Teuk La'ak is a fantastic area! I love the members here already although that weekend was General Conference!  Pretty much through the start of the transfer, me and Elder Slavens decided to contact several people throughout the week from Wednesday to Sunday pretty much. Just got familiar with a cool Look Poo named Bro who I met yesterday, and several other members a few days ago! I love this new area and I look forward to meet more members although.... this upcoming week is the True Khmer New Year! 

      Rean English Program last Wednesday was excellent in the North Zone as usual! A portion of English Class we taught was about Khmer New Year that's coming and what Khmer people do here in this holiday basically take what they said in Khmer and translate it to English for them! Hahaha FUN stuff! Zone Training was great to, last Friday! Very productive as usual! Just encouraged to use time wisely in our missions here! I love this mission so much and looking forward to doing so! 
      The weekend: General Conference last weekend was phenomenal, if most of you didn't get to watch it, I would encourage each of you to watch and take notes. For real, I love Elder Holland's final talk in the Sunday Afternoon Session, his was very straight forward in a very loving way! I love Elder Holland! 

       So just to let everyone of you know I am doing fantastic so far already, me and Elder Slavens are working hard here in Teuk La'ak. This upcoming week's going to be a very interesting one me, Elder Slavens and other missionary we'll be doing some activities throughout this New Year week! It's going to interesting...YEP! My growth in Khmer is still growing. In fact, although I have a accent.... I literally can't hide it as I speak Khmer so to everyone that I serve, my purpose is to mainly preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and share about him each and everyday as I keep learning the Khmer language, my love for my divine heritage is still endless. I don't ever want to give up in my mission and I am here to stay. For those who don't embrace the love I have for throughout my missionary experience on behalf of me being a servant of Christ, shame for you all for I am here to invite you all to come unto Christ our true savior in these Latter-days. I will NEVER deny the truthfulness of this church for I am NEVER ashamed of it! Will heading to keep doing my best with Elder Slavens! I love you all so much! Stay fantastic and blessed! I am willing to stay strong as I keep it! Why is that, because I want to keep spreading God's love as me and Elder Slavens are instruments in His hands! We got this! 

P.S. If any of you have any questions,please shoot me any questions I would to try to answer some and reply with each of them on every post I make! 

ដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់, (With love), 
  -អែឌើ ស់     Elder Ros  
 "For am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to 
everone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." - Romans 1:16

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