Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Things that happened this week

1.) I went fishing with my best friend who I love more than I love anybody else.

2.) I followed the counsel of my Elders and got a hair cut.

3.) I accidentally flushed a toilet I shouldn't of flushed. The sewer system in this members house was all blocked up, so when I flushed the toilet it made the problem worse and the smell was putrescent. Everyone thought I produced that smell. One lady threw up hahahaha. 

4.) We taught a super old guy about the word of wisdom. That's the rule that says we shouldn't drink alcohol. But when we asked this old guy if he drinks alcohol, he said in English, "ooohhhhh very good. Number one!" just like the Japanese surgeon in "The Office" 

5.) Elder Cook and I went to go visit a member, but when we got to the house his brother and a random guy were standing outside. And they were like, "Elders, we all just drank a ton of beer and we are all super drunk, so he is probably not gonna want to meet you." The random guy was way way way more drunk than the others. He did the classic drunk guy in Cambodia and spoke Thai and Vietnamese at us, and told us he loved us. Elder Cook complimented his shirt. The guy started crying because he was so flattered. Then Elder Cook asks, "Can I have it?"  The guy rips of his shirt at incredible speed and throws it in Elder Cooks bike basket. He then opens up his bag and whips out another shirt. He was prepared for this moment! He put it on. I told him I liked that new shirt, trying to get a free shirt. He said people would call him CRAZY if he didn't wear a shirt! (Not true, no one in Cambodia ever wears shirts) So I tried a new tactic. I complimented his pants. He wasn't buying it. He had no extra pants. So he couldn't give me his. Dang it.

6.) The Facebook page for our church here in Cambodia is pretty popular. So Elder Cook and I made a video with a super ugly guy and it went viral. 100,000 views in less than a week. 22 new investigators all over the country so far. Pretty cool. I get made fun of for my accent every time someone watches it. We did a virtual tour of one of our church buildings, but the only reason it is viral is because Cambodian people love seeing white people speak Cambodian. 

This week was awesome. 

Working hard, or hardly working? 

Fishing crew

This is such a weird looking cat

A guy took my bike for a test ride. He liked the moto seat. 

The haircut I got is called "The Baller Buzz". We took a picture of Brad Pitt with a buzz cut as a model for our haircuts so they knew what we wanted to look like.

A group of 4 missionaries got it this week. It will spread. 

​Even my mission president has one.

Let's play a game: look for the scary thing that almost made me pee my pants. 

A legless member took us to her friends house to teach them. She cranks her bike with her arms #ROCKsolid

Old guy reading his scriptures.

I watched some kids play a weird game for a while. 

Don't laugh. This is how you say "baby elephant"  in Cambodian. 

Selling fans and keys from house to house.

The drunk guy and the shirt he gave Elder Cook

Bey Bey

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