Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Yo, raise up dat ebenezer

My companion went home. He went back to America. 

But before he left, we had a giant birthday party for him at our recent converts house (it wasn't his birthday, it felt a lot like those times when you say it is your birthday at benihana just so you can get free ice cream) and we did nothing but try and find new investigators his last day. 

The party was awesome. We bought them dominoes pizza, which none of them have ever had. They bought him a cake, and on it they wrote "Vander Cook". That is not his name hahahhaha. 

My new companion Elder Uhi is awesome. He is Tongan, so most the time we just talk about the Hinganos and how they tricked me into drinking kava kava to ask Sisileti to prom. 

He is just like my last companion, almost done with his mission. Man, nothing like a ton of companions going home to make me feel stoked to still be in Cambodia! 

I wanna tell you about some of the folks in my branch now.

There is one guy who used to have a job clapping at a place they filmed tv shows lol. 5 bucks a day.

Another guy looks like gollum and is like 75 and works 24/7 as a guard. That is not uncommon here. Can you imagine? That would suck ណឹត្ស.

Living in the same house as Elder Osborne is my favorite thing. He let me shave his head.


PJs and bikes 

Classic Cambodian tourism

Another day another dollar

Best hat ever

All the pictures from the party are blurry because I was recording the whole thing and using the handy tool of taking pictures while you record. Except for the part where the pictures suck. But I feel like this picture shows enough. Go watch the videos. They are so good. At the party we got into a food fight and I was pelted with cake by little savages of young age. 

Even grandma was enjoying herself 

Teaching English class to like 4 people 

Elder Osborne let me shave his head #BallerBuzz2 #TheReturnOfTheBuzz

Frog heaven 

Members singing karaoke 

Classic driving move courtesy of the giant cars in Cambodia 

Sunday, August 7, 2016


We took Spaghetti to someones house and they called it "Swag-ghetti". It was the first time they had ever eaten Swaghetti. 

We had a good week, but it was Elder Cook's last week.

Next week, I will be companions with TWO PEOPLE. One is half Tongan. His name is Elder Uhi. The second is Elder Sam Osborne. Him and I tore it up at Velour at BYU 2 years ago. But he'll only be with me for 2 weeks, then it's just Elder Uhi and I. He doesn't know any Tongan, but I am still going to try and get him to teach me Tongan. I think it would be sweet if I could speak Tongan. 

Well, see you guys next week.

       In Cambodia, whenever you get a fever, they stick an IV in you. And so this kid had a fever, so I held his IV for him. 

Santa pants hat

Ask me about this guy after I finish my mission. I've got so many stories about him. I would love to tell you, but it just has to be in person. 

We were doing service this week, and we saw this giant snake. A dude came and whacked its head off with a bamboo stick. 

It's probably harmless