Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Loaves and Fishes Upgrade: Rice and Noodles

The church's history in Cambodia. Brought to you by a Cambodian woman. I wish I knew Cambodian. Then I could tell you what it says. But I don't. 

You wanna hear what happened this week? I'll tell you what happened this week! 


Yet everything... 

It all started with an idea. That is how it always starts. An Idea. The Idea was: Zone Unity. Missionaries are broke up into units called zones. There are like 25 people in a zone. And the zone I am in consists of American people, Cambodian people, and Vietnamese people. We are the only zone with Vietnamese people. They don't know Cambodian. The Cambodians don't know Vietnamese. How in the monkey's butt are you supposed to make them be friends?!?!?!? 

I'll give you a hint. 

Yogurt lids+origami+flonkerton= OLYMPICS 

So we did the Olympics. We downloaded the song and put it on repeat the whole day. We had games such as "Vegetable derby racing" and "eat a doughnut on a string" and "water balloon volleyball" and "human foosball" and much much more. We had an opening and closing ceremony. There was even a miracle. We didn't bring enough food for the lunch, but then somehow everyone was full. 

Then for the rest of the week we built a house for a lady in our branch who has no legs. She scoots around everywhere on her butt. But the house she is in now has all the ledges she has to lunge over and junk, it's just way too hard for her. So we decided to fill her house up to get rid of the ledges. No more ledges! It took forever. But is was way funner the funnest. 

Bey Bey

The opening ceremonies (The tilde over the E is for style)  

First there was a human tunnel

Then on with the games! First was the vegetable derby

Then a High School Musical roller coaster 


I wish we had pine wood

The team to get it down the ramp the fastest won! Each companionship represented one of the 25 provinces in Cambodia. 

This looks like a pokemon

This one had a little person in it

Remember in Shrek when they rode in that big onion carriage? 


​Water balloon volleyball

​Next was the mummy wrapping challenge! 

​And then a Cambodian game where you try not to laugh while saying animals names and not showing your teeth, and if you re-name an animal or you laugh or show your teeth, you get SLAPPED IN THE FACE with baby powder 

​And then the doughnut eating competition 

​And then the closing ceremonies 

And then we met some weird dudes

And then we tried to visit this lady's family, but her house flooded 

​They had to bring in a boat

This is Elder Hale. He lives in my house. And he convinced all these kids that he could actually rip off one of his thumbs. And they all tried to do it too. They asked me to pull on their fingers as hard as I could until it came off.  

They dumped the dirt to build the legless lady's house in the middle of the street lawl 

And then child labor was a great idea 

Her is her house and herself in all her legless glory 

Our branch president (Michael Scott) cutting a tile 


Check out how deep the water is up to her legs inside her own house 


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