Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, November 13, 2016

~~ Soup or Salad (super salad) ~~

In Cambodian, the word for "turn off"and "shut"or "close" is the same. So my companion told me to turn off the door and that was just a cute little moment of my week. 

The house we rent for our church building here has bats in the ceiling. Lol during church you just hear screeching and wings flapping and other vampire noises.

Speaking of screeching, I have a story. Elder Ouk told me this story. It is Cambodian legend. So there is this certain type of owl in Cambodia, that if it lands on your roof and starts screeching (and its screech is very different from other bird noises, apparently), then it is an omen of death. 

So one time Elder Ouk and his companion were called to give a member a priesthood blessing. The member was sick. And after the blessing, she wasn't healed. But that night Elder Ouk's companion had a dream that he saw that owl on top of that members house screeching, so he picked up a rock and threw it to make the bird fly away. 

When he woke up he felt like even though the blessing didn't completely heal her, it very well may have saved her life.  

Elder Ouk bought a bottle of coke, drank half of it, and then put it in his bikes cup holder. He says its just for style. So people can look at him and be like, "oh, wow. This Elder is super cool! He's always drinking coke!" 

I got sick this week. I wasn't feeling hot. Then we went to the legless lady's house. She made food. I told her I was sick and only wanted a little. she gave me a lot. I couldn't finish it. She asked why I didn't finish it. She thought I didn't like it. i said, "No, lady. I told you not to give me a lot of food, and you gave me a lot. What did you expect?" and then I got up, went into the bathroom,and threw up. Then we went home. 

And then Elder Ouk did ancient Cambodian healing magic on me. He scratched me with a coin until my skin turned red so that the oxygen in my blood could "circulate faster" or whatever. I don't know, I just did it for the vine. 

We pushed legless lady to a lesson, and I was pushing too fast and almost knocked her over. She says an angel saved her from falling over so she got up and told that to all the members in testimony meeting. They just probably all think I'm a jerk now. 

Our branch president couldn't come to church so he said he needed a replacement for a week. I begged him to let me be the branch president for a day. He said no. But he said I could be 1st counselor. So boo yah.

Also speaking of that, I was assigned my last area. I have 3 months left. And I was assigned to go to a province called Pursat. It has only had missionaries in it for 2 years. Me and my companion will be alone out there. It is known as the province of miracles because whoever serves there has to rely on God to do anything.

But what the heck does that mean? to "rely on God"? Well first of all, it means that you have to believe that there is even a God there. And you have to pray to Him, and ask Him to guide you and stuff. A while ago, I would do missionary work by just talking to people all day everyday, trying to convince them to learn with me. But that''s not right missionary work. The right way to do it is realize that you are just a puppet, really. If nothing happens, then what you are doing is pointless and your church sucks. if you are guided, then you might have something going for you. 

I'll let you guys know what happens. 

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