Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 4 Living la Vida Loca

Bonjour! Or Kohnichiwa! Or something like that.

How is everybody this fine, fine Tuesday?? I'm feeling absolutely swell! I'm feeling more in tune with the spirit and more close to my brother and father in Heaven every single day! This has been a great week. Lots of great experiences and lots of fun! As is typical in the CCM!

So our Latinos companions left this Monday morning, which was a major bummer! Every two weeks a new wave of Latino elderes y hermanas crashes into the CCM and makes a giant fiesta out of the place. I'm telling you, these are some of the loudest people I have ever met! The four Latino Elders who were staying in our room were super crazy. We'd be eating a nice, peaceful lunch or something, and these four Latino guys would run up and suddenly just start yelliong at us in Spanish and dancing and running around and I just don't even know! But it's so fun having this complete change of culture and having to live with these guys! I've learned so much more Spanish from them than I ever could have anywhere else!

The night these guys left was way way cool. There were like 15 Latino elders running around the dorms, making a rucus of the place, as usual, and we decided to go chill with them for a bit. We just sang a bunch of hymns in Spanish and shared memories and experiences and it was really cool having all these people from different backgrounds come together like that! And then the Latinos all ran away saying something about having a surprise for us! So we sat there for 15 minutes like "What?" and they came back with a bunch of jerseys in their hands! These jerseys were from the school that the CCM used to be before it became a CCM, and apparently all these guys went to this school before they came on their missions! They all just graduated like a month or two ago!! I think that's super crazy. So they gave us these jerseys and they're way comfy and I just love those guys. I'm gonna miss them lots.

The food has remained pretty much the same throughout my experience here at the CCM. It's just a bunch of bread for breakfast, some kind of funny meat thing for lunch, and like a sandwich or something for dinner. You know how people tend to put on some weight at the MTC in Provo? Well check this: I've lost 10 POUNDS since being here!! It's absolutely crazy! So I'm hoping I can stick with that loss and do something positive with it. I'm hoping not to just put it all back on when I get back into the states.

Whelp, that's about it for this week! It's been great and I hope you're all having a wonderful time! I'll talk to you in a week! Until then!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Slavens

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