Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

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Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, June 30, 2014

Missionaries Get Free Food At Dairy Queen. That's Right.

Howdy doody my good people? I doody good today.

This week has rocked my socks off. Not literally - I just mean that I really enjoyed it. Elder Josephson and I are having a blast here in Paul, just chillin' like villains, but really not chilling at all. And obviously the opposite of how villains usually would chill. We've been working up a sweat, like for real. It's been pretty hot the past few days, and it's caused me like serious exhaustion! I'm super tired, every single day. But that's not a problem, I suppose; I just put my shoulder to the wheel and push. At least it keeps me awake.

Gospel (that means 'good news')! As I reported last week, we were able to view a beautiful baptism this week. Ana Maria Jimenez got baptized and confirmed, with little to no see-able forces working against her, which is probably a first for any investigator ever. She was just ready. Which is a huge surprise, because just before Elder Josephson and I showed up she apparently had a big problem with smoking and just couldn't stop. But here we are, and she hasn't smoked in like a month or two now! We're super proud of her, and happy that she has made this step to become closer to her Father in Heaven.

The other day we started teaching a new investigator, a 9-year-old girl named Kenna. Her parents are less-active members of the church and want to get moving again, and honestly, they are just so much fun to teach. This little girl just gets it. She wants so bad to follow Christ and His example. She wants to be baptized, but is having a hard time convincing her parents to come back to church, so we're gonna make that happen!

So yeah, it's been an awesome week! Hopefully we can see all of these people go places! Pray for Kenna and her family, porfis! The Lord wants them back!

I wub you all, and peace out with my kisses. Xoxo

Elder Slavens

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