Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ned's declassified school survival guide for dummies

I was asked by Elder Osborne where I was going to go after P-day and my answer became the quote of the week:

"We're going to go eat fish with a dude"

And that we did. 

My new favorite part about Elder Ouk is when he quotes Charlie bit me. When ever I get hurt or stub my toe or something and yell, he yells right after me and says, "Charlie bit me! Ouch Charlie!"

Let's talk about some of my investigators, because they are all super cool and pretty crazy wacko nut job sack of hammers.

We are teaching a family who used to be protestant. They just joined the protestant church and there were crazy miracles involved in bringing them together as a family after years of fighting. They were united in Christ. But then we came in and started teaching them about a church that wasn't the protestant church, which they originally joined. 

We brought confusion into their family, but by asking them over and over again to read the Book of Mormon to see if there was more truth about Christ out there, finally the mom and dad have joined us. Not yet baptized, but working at it. 

Another old dude we teach has an awesome story of ow he found our church. He was contacted by Elder Osborne, the other dude living in my house with me who was my bff at BYU and we hung out all he time, one year ago. And he was he worst investigator ever. But after one year of learning with Elders, he has finally made it to the point where he is ready to get baptized. And Elder Osborne was the one to interview him because he is now back, just in the neighboring area.

This week i heard a lot of inappropriate things said about me by strangers because they all thought I couldn't understand what they were saying. 


Cambodians discover bubble wrap


Picture with a hat on my head. This was when Elder Ouk was practicing how to interview someone for baptism because it was his first time, so I had to pretend to be someone else. 

Our neighbor who we call mom.

Going to do the interview (which was located where his girlfriend before his mission lives) 

​Coming up soon next month is the water festival where a million Cambodian dudes row these big 'ole boats 


​What am I covering with my hand? 

A dog poop left on our front door! 

​Disposing of it 

​I think I always take pictures with this guy

This guy promised to take me hunting in Vietnam after my mission 

​The cutest puppies ever

Butts were made for sitting

Walking on a bridge to an old dudes house

They opened a carls Jr. in Cambodia so I had that

I finally ate a tarantula

I think you know I think so 

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