Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, October 2, 2016

My next companion is Cambodian


This week was a(nother) holiday in Cambodia. Called Pshoom Ben. I think it is to celebrate your ancestors? Not sure. Let's just go with that. It's to celebrate your ancestors. And it is SUPER dumb. Everyone goes to their hometowns. Which means a ton of people leave. But also a ton of people come back who have been gone forever. So we got to make new friends. 

All of our new friends were drunk. 

Holidays in this dang country are just drinking days. It is so awesome. Alcohol is crazy, man! But drunk people are super fun. Me and Elder Osborne have a competition going to see who can get the most shirts from drunk people. They love giving you their shirts when they are drunk. We both are tied 1-1. 

We have one dude named Nevin who came out with us all day during the holiday and he laughed like a girl the whole day. He wasn't drunk, I think he was just drunk in love, I guess. 

We had a party eating baby duck eggs (what is that called? Bloot or somehing like that? Fertilized duck eggs?) with a dude, and he came to church cuz it was so fun and he was impressed with how many I could eat. 

Our mission president told us to take one day to clean our house since everyone was gone and there was nothing to do, and so we enlisted the help of our neighbors who are all 6 and had them scrub-a-dub dub our house for us. 

Ok cool, picture time

We had a dope nas party

​We ate way more noodles then one man needs 

And I totally caught him reading our Book of Mormon! Nice try....

​Me and Elder Osborne were comps 4 a day 

When walked to the house that was flooded in water 

Kids were playing in that sick water. No wonder they always have extra toes. ​

​Looks... appetizing 

​Kids being kids 


The new instagram face- Pig face (to rival 'duck face') 

I made a soup out of a fish head for a branch party. Doesn't it look GOOD?!?!

We had a mission wide movie night, and I got to re-unite with my fave companion ever 

This was where everyone ate my fish head soup 

They all hated it and we threw it away lol 

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