Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lifting grandpa

An event filled week.

I have never said that before ever in one of these emails things. So you know this was a big one. 

It all started on Monday last week, when we were riding our bikes. A guy was just staring at us. So we stopped to talk to him. Turned out he was just super drunk. But I only figured that out once I said that we were missionaries, because then he launched himself at me, throwing his bike to the ground and making me and my bike fall over too. He did that just because he was so excited to meet some missionaries. 

Elder Cook and I learned from an old dude we teach, who hardly knows Cambodian or English, only Chinese, that you don't feast on the words of Christ, but you take lunch on the Words of Christ. I'm not so sure what that means, but that is what he told us. 

We were also asked to help give service. We weren't too sure what they said, all we heard was the word "lift". And they usually say, "lift dirt. The word for dirt is Dei. So we just assumed we were going to lift dirt. Service is always lifting dirt here! And so we set 2 hours aside to help, and went. When we show up, one of the daughters yells, "Mom! Dad! The Elders are here to help lift daa!" You wanna know what daa means? GRANDPA. We had to help lift GRANDPA. He had been sleeping outside of this families house for 6 months in a shack. His legs haven't worked for years now. So they just now decided to move him into the house. So we had to lift him from his shack and put him in the house. It took like 15 minutes. 

A bunch of Elders who had completed the "Cambodian language achievement program" our mission does,  got to have dinner with the mission president one night. And Elder Ros went. And he ordered a plate of lamb chops, and then for desert he ordered a smoked salmon sandwich with fries on the side. I hope all of you get to meet Elder Ros one day. He is the best. 

The two most common things in Cambodia: children and toilets. 

Third most common thing in Cambodia: SWAG

Elder Ros with his dessert

Mr. Tree with his bike

]Me /// with the Brozzz ;;;;

I forgot to write that I updated my bike. New bike, same giant bike seat. 

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