Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Monkey with an afro

So before I moved to this new area of Chbar Ampov, I was still in Tuek Laak with Elder Ros. This was last week, people. And one night we got in the elevator that went up to our house, and we stopped on a floor that wasn't ours. There was a family that wanted to go down. But we were going up. So they said, "oh. no problem, we'll wait for you guys to go up and then we'll get on the elevator when the elevator comes back down." and so the elevator starts shutting. But their 3 year old son didn't get the message.

He hopped on the elevator with us before the doors closed. And everyone was screaming, " NO! Where are you going?!" and then the doors shut. 

We were all trying to pry the doors open. Smashing the open door button. Hoping the door would open. But then it didn't hahahhaa.

So we went up with this kid. I felt like a kidnapper hahahhaa. So we got off at our floor, pressed the button for the floor the kid was on, and then left as the elevator doors shut and it started heading down. It was hilarious.
So the move to my new area was good. My new companion Elder Cook is awesome. He is finishing his mission in one month. He is from Idaho. The area is super dusty-the dustiest in the whole mission. I have to wear sunglasses and a face mask everywhere I go so I don't get dust in my mouth and eyes. But I am too lazy to buy sun glasses and a face mask so I get dust in my mouth and eyes everyday. 

It also rains exactly at 2:30 everyday here. I can't tell if the sky here is different then other sky's, or what. 

B  Y  E  

Happy birthday to me.


Look at all those chickens! 

How we taught body parts in English class 

Elder Ros and I had to wear trash bags so we wouldn't get wet from the rain

Me and Cambodians

The guys who worked at my last house who would clean up after me and stuff. They were my best friends. 

This dude is a beast. His name is Cetra. I had to leave him in my last area. I knew him for one week, but he wanted to meet us everyday to learn about the Book of Mormon because he loved reading it. And he found us on Facebook. There is a page called, "Cambodia Phnom Penh LDS Mission" on Facebook that some people find us on. 

This is my new companion

Just kidding. This is my new companion.

I should have caught it on video when I pushed him into that river. 

In this new area, there is a school right by our church where all the kids wear the same red helmet no matter what. It doesn't matter if they are biking or walking, they all wear the same helmet. 

The majority of my new area is one road that is super duper dusty 

This description of a Thai light bulb feels like an epic novel when you read it. 

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