Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Karate Chop?

I want to tell you what it is like where I am. This province is called Pursat. It has only had missionaries serving here for 2 years now. Only me and my companion are here, and we live in the church, which is a little rental house. 

There is a street dog that walks into our house every time we open the door. It walks in and sits on the floor, and we have to go kick it out. My companion was giving a talk in church (we both talk every week and do the sacrament and lead the music since no one else knows how because they are all basically recent converts) and then he stopped talking, muttered that the dog walked in again, then went and kicked it so it would leave, then turned around and walked back to the podium to finish his talk.

We also both don't know how to play the piano. So we had to choose between singing acapella every week or buying a little memory card and putting music on it. So we bought a memory card, put like 50 hymns on it, and then plugged it in to start sacrament meeting. When they sold the memory card to us, they must have not wiped it first, because once we plugged in the memory card, the music was some sweet dub-step. 

Man, our house being the church is just a party. Everyone stays at our house like all the time. They all eat our food too, which is so fun. I'm gonna be the size of one stick when I come home. But the only problem about our house being the church is that our house-church doesn't have the #pioneer67 hook up which is so lame. 

This province is so janky that as I write this to you the table I am sitting at is shocking me. How in the heck does a table shock a person? And all the power went out last night. In the whole entire province. How? How dos that happen? 

Also I returned to the first area I ever served in at the beginning of my mission. Everyone remember me as the guy who was in the Pioneer Day play and had a gun and shot Joseph Smith. Such a cool role. 

OK bye. 

Only 2014-2016 kids will know. If you don't know, I think you know. But ask me after my mission o I can tell you. 
It's a good story. 

Our house Sunday morning. Getting ready for church. 

And then this kids stays behind after church, eats our food, then sleeps in our house lol 

This pig was huge

This is our investigators house in the middle of no where

​This is their rice field

In the rice field there was a fish, and my companion wanted to spear it so we could take it home to grill it.

I helped harvest rice 

We had to take a bus and a tuk tuk to get to Thanksgiving. I was so tired.

But this was our Thanksgiving. More baby duck eggs and chicken innards. And a whole lot of coke.

And then I chased some cows.

And then I was like a cool guy walking away from an explosion.

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