Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, February 16, 2015


WHADDUPPPPPPPP. How's it going wherever you are? My life is ON FIRE. Like, good fire. Like green fire that just tickles and makes you happy. ON FIRE. <4F6.gif>

It's been a great week, as you can tell. Things are finally starting to calm down after all the crazy stuff that threw our lives for a loop last week. We went to the funeral service of the lady I mentioned last time, and it was absolutely beautiful. She's certainly in a better place, and it was such a hopeful, bright service that you couldn't help but smile walking out.

On Saturday I had an incredible experience. I had the privilege of going to the temple with our recent convert, Luis, and his wife Roxann, to do baptisms for the dead. Holy cow it was so great. It's been forever since I've participated in baptisms for the dead! And although I wasn't actually allowed to get in the water to do the baptisms (mission rule, I dunno), I still got to do confirmations and just soak up the spirit that was there. It was way enjoyable. After that they took us out to a sushi place in Twin. An ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi place. I haven't had sushi in quite some time and figured I'd hate it. But I actually like shushi a lot now! Mom, you should be proud! I'm finally eating weird things after ALL THESE YEARS! Problem with this place was that if you order too much sushi and don't end up finishing it you have to pay for the whole roll you don't finish. And naturally we ordered way too much but couldn't bear paying extra money for it so it was a fight to the death to get all the sushi down the hatch. I almost blew up all over the restaurant, and after such a peaceful experience in the temple Luis and Roxann started fighting over who had to eat the last piece (this isn't uncommon though, they're constantly fighting about something; it's how they express their love I guess). So that was fun.

Other than that it's been a pretty normal week. Mainly just saying goodbye to people 'cause I'm leaving. Wait, what? I didn't tell you I was leaving? Oh, well I guess that ruins the surprise. But yeah, I'm outta here! Only spent 3 months in Carey, which is way short, but I'll go where He wants me to go! My new area will be TWIN FALLS SOUTH! Going from basically the smallest town in the mission to the biggest. At least it'll prepare me for my re-entry into the Bay Area. 'Cause Carey is SMALL. So I'm pumped about this. New start, new places, new faces, the works. I'll still be a Zone Leader down there which I'm pumped about. Two transfers with this new guy, one more in some random spot, then I'll be heading home! How bonkers is that?

Anyway, I've had a great week. Life's good, just taking it a day at a time and soaking up every second. I've had a blast in Carey, but I can't wait to have some new experiences! I hope you all have a good week too! Peace out! <800.gif>

Elder Slavens

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