Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hey hey you you I don't like America. Cambodia is where it's at.

Yikees, people! I'm currently sitting in an internet cafe and the Cambodian has DONE things to my stomach! So my mind is on other things rn. Sorry if this email doesn't make sense. Actually, I think it was the fruit we ate from our back yard. Right before I came here, we were hanging out with our land lord, and she was showing us around our own backyard (weird lol), and it turns out it is a winter wonderland! There's just like bananas and coconuts and mangoes and everything just growing back here! But she gave us this fruit from a mysterious tree kinda in the corner that was sketchy looking, and I took a bite, and there was just like worms crawling out of my mouth. So I GOT WORMS. That's what I'm gonna call it! 

Not really though. But maybe tee hee. Last week for our pday after we emailed we went and rode on a bamboo train. Google image it. It's sketch. I sat next to a naked baby. He kinda stowed away. I don't know who his parents were. I guess me, now. He is living in our house now. I fashioned him clothes out of old water bottles. I've seen more naked people this week then my whole life. Cambodians just don't like clothes. 

I got called "Mr. Handsome" by a little boy trying to sell me a bracelet this week. Self esteem boost. I also wet the bed one night har har har har. Self esteem drop. I guess I just drank too much water the night before. Go before you sno', people! I sleep on the top bunk too. Elder Elieson said he was unaffected. He is the greatest trainer ever.  

If there is anything that I do know, you can never EVER predict the things that will happen on a mission. We were riding our bikes one day, and there was this massive coconut in my path, and I knew that I was supposed to ride around it, but my arms just didn't move. I didn't turn. So I ran over the coconut and FLEW out of control! I smashed into the street. Then I hopped up, looked at all the Cambodians watching me with shock, stared at them silently for a second, and then said, pointing to the coconut: "God has placed this coconut in my path so that I could talk to you this day!" Hahahahaha. They were kinda interested. We also got a call one day, asking if we could give a blessing to a lady who I had never met before, and we headed over, and she almost looked like she was dead. I was seriously so scared. She kept screaming and I didn't know what to do and her kids were running around scared, and there was crying coming from inside, and I was just trying to talk to her about help she was receiving from the gospel. She said she knew it and had great faith. Elder Elieson gave her a blessing, and then the woman who was in the house crying RAN at us, grabbed us, and started yell-praying/singing/giving us blessings as she pet are arms. It was amazing. I held it together, surprisingly. 

It is also super crazy how much we are trying to build the church here. They just got hymn books in Cambodian, so we taught a class on new hymns, and just sang them for a while to teach the new tunes. They are such good singers here. We also are having troubles getting to be self reliant. They are pretty used to relying on the church for money, and are mad that the church wants to get them to be more self reliant. So this coming week will be filled with going from house to house and telling people of the blessings which will come from trying your hardest before you ask for help. But Heavenly Father is blessing these people for being so faithful even though the church is so new. I love working with people and teaching them. 

Cambodia is a crazy awesome place. I saw a mannequin outside a store the other day that looked like my mom. I miss you, mom.  I miss you all, in fact. I hope you all can remember who you are. Because I remember. I always will. 

Love from all corners of the planet and space time continuum, Elder Vwin (what they started calling me, because slavery just ain't as cool as it sounds) 

​Heeeyyyyyyyyyy Bamboo train 

On the TRAIL we blaze! 

​I finally got to eat a duck embryo egg thing. In Cambodian it's called "baby duck egg" It tastes like heaven. And has feathers. And was given to me by a random guy. Then, as a kind gesture, I tried to pay for the eggs he had ordered, but I just ended up saying to the lady "I would like to buy that man's eggs" It just doesn't sound right. I got laughed at very much. 

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